Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nice to the Enemy, or "A Good Reputation is Worth Its Wait in Thorium"

I saved an alliance today. A level 44 in Un'goro was dying to a pterrordax and I saved him while farming thorium for Cataclysm.

My husband's best friend would say to kill them all, they deserve it, then shake his head at my live and let live philosophy. His thing is that he's a paladin and leveled up before that little OP spike in early Wrath, so he hates PVP as much as I do, except that he never survives a world fight and I sometimes do.

I've killed maybe 3 or 4 lowbies in my time, but for the most part I'll help them if they don't meet any of my auto-gank criteria.

The thing is, I want a good reputation. I told husband "I realize that they have horrible people, but they're not all bad, and I want to be the better person."

Now that I have pretty bird, I'm a little more visible on my server, a little more memorable, and I frankly don't want a rep as a huge ganking b-word.

So I try to be nice, because being a good person (and being seen as a good person) matters to me.

Just, you know . . . don't get between me and a rich thorium node.


  1. Thorium. The only way to level up mining so you can actually get to Fel Iron.

    And it instigates a lot of fights too.

  2. That's awesome!

    I mean, I actually like PvP. I like the tension it adds to the game. Sure it was an annoyance last night when fighting Chillmaw and an Undead Warlock dropped into the zone and feared me. But I and the rogue I'd PuGged with managed to finish off Chillmaw and his bombadier buddies in spite of DoTs & Shadow bolts before the Warlock could kill us. And we nearly took him down too. We rezzed, took our turn fighting at the Enemy's Gates and as I came back, it sure was a wonderful sight to see this Warlock attempting to solo Chillmaw. Drop into stealthed cat form, pounce, bleeds, maul, bear, bash. Ah sweet payback. Better yet, with no help but his Voidwalker, he couldn't finish off Chillmaw while under attack. A minute or so later he was back for another round.

    And it is that very competition that makes it so . . . what's the word? Touching? When it gets set aside to help each other out. You didn't have to save that guy from the pterrordax. He was in Un'gorro at level 44? He's gotta' know that'll get him killed. But you're right, it really is satisfying to help each other out. As much as I like the PvP and the excitement it brings to the game, I have to admit, I usually don't engage in it outside of battlegrounds/Wintergrasp.

  3. Best place I've found to mine Thorium is a warren of caves & valleys in southern Winterspring called Darkwhisper Gorge. Pretty much every section of the tightly packed warren has 2-3 nodes that respawn on a relatively quick timer as normal or rich thorium and truesilver. And the place is crawling with level 59-60 elite demons. Not too hard to deal with at Northrend levels, but they keep away competitors through the mid-60ish levels who will find Ungoro & Silithis more hospitable. Plus you can farm them for Felcloth if you're after some or just need to slow your mining enough to hit the respawns.

  4. Huh!

    I've spent like, the time it takes to explore Winterspring there. So I just learned about a new place to go get stuff! Thanks!

  5. Exactly . . . one more benefit that cuts down on competition in Darkwhisper Gorge is that so few people know what's there. The only reason I could figure out on my own to go there was for thorium veins. Maybe fel cloth and demonic runes if you want to craft some level 50-60 vanilla gear (converting fel cloth to mooncloth it looks like you can makes some decent gear for alts in the low 50s levels). I dunno', maybe there are herbs. I've never taken an herbalist.

    And . . . there's the instanced entrance to the never-developed Mt. Hyjal zone. The actual zone that sits on the map between Felwood, Winterspring and Ashenvale. It's kinda' cool to go see. I'm not sure why. Maybe 'cause I play so many Night Elves, lol. Just peering into the place that is so central to so much lore, a place that my characters couldn't even reach until they were a high enough level to have left Kalimdor for Outland and come back to visit, was a thrill.

    Anyway, I knew so little about Darkwhisper Gorge, so I looked the place up on wowwiki. I guess the demons can drop stuff that was used in level 60 epic gear upgrades. And I guess back when 60 was the level cap, these demons were a "grab some guildies go have a party" affair. There's a vendor in the Gorge that sells an item that was used for that purpose. Now there really is no reason to go there other than to farm Thorium or whatever.


    It sounds like they're going to make the place relevant again in Cataclysm. It will become part of the Mt Hyjal zone as the Twilight Cultists HQ. From the concept maps, it looks like it will contain an entrance to Deepholm, the Earth Elemental plane.


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