Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fashion in the Cities, or "Pretty Princess Dress Up RP!"

I'd like to see roleplayers able to "enlist" in their city guard and get the appropriate title and gear.

Right now, only plate-wearers can have the full effect for most of these outfits, and several of the outfit pieces don't have great alternatives.

I included options for the few places where nothing quite fits, and highly recommend you look over weapons for your own favorites. Often, a simple white or grey item will serve just as well as the fancy stuff.

I scanned through hundreds, maybe thousands, of clothing items to find the best matches. If you want further alternatives, I can't remember any without re-scanning. Feel free to download WoW Model Viewer to do your own searches.


Why no Silvermoon?

The available clothing just didn't match well enough. Sorry!


  1. Wow. I just say wow.
    Some impressive research you've done there! I just wish there were some handsome guards of Gnomeragan to imitate. Well, one day I guess. When we've reclaimed it... can't wait!

  2. The Orgrimmar replica looks *identical* though I think the Stormwind one would be the coolest outfit to compile... the guards are iconic and highly recognizable.

  3. Yeah I'm tempted to gather that SW set for my pally, once she gets high enough. I'm jealous of the orcs though, that's dead on!! Nice work :o)

  4. That Stormwind guard set is really fantastic! Definately going for that when I faction change.

    It is somewhat of a shame that the Silvermoon guards are too unique to replicate :(

    Also, seen as they have the old Night Elf model even a Male Blood Elf in the exact same set would still not accurate.

  5. the grunt has sentinel breastplate not grunts harness.

  6. As far as I can tell, there's no difference?

    Grunt's Harness / Sentinel Breastplate

    I tend to list the easier to farm choice, but it's good to have more than one option if folks can find Sentinel Breastplate on the AH.


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