Friday, October 9, 2009

Consolidation, or "The Perks and Drags of Bringing Home Birdie"

I don't have to make this decision right away, but it's definitely a thought: Should I transfer my alliance characters to Zuluhed?

  • Some of my guildies have made Alliance characters that mine could play with eventually.
  • Pet & Mount farming that requires PVP or neutral auction trading.
  • GOLD through a brisk neutral trade.
  • I could reduce the number of my bank alts and stop getting confused.
  • Support from (and for) my horde friends.
  • Make some alliance friends to see who's naughty and who's nice.
  • The name I want for my mage isn't taken on Zuluhed.
  • My characters would already be leveled (or their transfer could be postponed until they are).
  • Real world money -- $100 for my 3 and my husband's 1. Another $15 to start up my husband's old recruit-a-friend account and delete the Birdfall I made there to open up the name. Yet another fee for changing my mage to worgen when that's available. Let's say $140 for the whole kaboodle.
  • Slot space -- I have room but my husband's stable is full (just have to make him delete an unused twink or two).
  • PVP -- I hate it and don't know why I'd torture myself by moving my undergeared characters into it.
  • Loss of RP -- though I don't have to stop, the server doesn't support it.
  • Leave behind family's alts. They aren't high enough level to be worth a transfer. On the other hand, they don't really play those alts even now.
  • Zuluhed economy isn't as robust.

It's just not doable right now.

First, more than one of my guildies would have to hit 80 on their alliance alts to even begin to make it worth the effort.

Second, I'd want each of my characters to be high level before moving them over for the best possible chance to avoid ganking. One of those is still level 21, so it'd obviously be a while before I'd transfer her.

Third, due to the low-ish population on my server and my ability to play during school/work hours, I can actually avoid quite a bit of the ganker fun. It also helps that I have a full stable of characters to relog to when one gets shut down.

Fourth, I can save enough money to transfer them, so that shouldn't be a problem if everything else lines up. I can justify it if it's, like, my Christmas present.

The biggest reason for this would be if I had several guildmates finish their alliance alts and seem interested in a bit of hanging with Birdie. I like the thought of having all my characters in one stable, too. It's nice and cohesive, especially since my attention has recently fixed on Zuluhed. So this is still a "maybe one day, if it seems worth it." :)

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