Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Horde Version, or "Children's Week 2nd Round"

This event ends after today, Tuesday 29, and will not repeat until next year.

Start in Orgrimmar's Valley of Honor. The orphan matron will be to your upper left upon entering, with a yellow quest mark above her head.

Use the whistle to call your orphan and accept the first three quests. You may do Undercity or Barrens first, it doesn't matter. Undercity first may actually be faster, though, because you don't have to run back to Orgrimmar for the zeppelin and then run to Thunder Bluff if you don't have the TB flightpath.

Take the zeppelin (leave Org and go straight east until you see the zeppelin tower -- talk to the zeppelin masters on top to find the Undercity one, the other is Grom'gol in Stranglethorn Vale) to Undercity. At the UC zeppelin tower, go south into Undercity and keep going inside until you hit the throne room, which is in the center of the upper level. Talk to your orphan to complete quest.

Return to Org via zeppelin.

Take the orphan to the Barrens (Crossroads - make sure you have flight path). You can do these in either order:

Take the orphan on the road straight north of Crossroads until you reach the pass in the mountains. That's your first quest spot.

Take the orphan on the road straight east of Crossroads until you hit Ratchet, then go onto the docks. (Get the flightpath in Ratchet.) That's your second quest spot.

Once those three are done, you'll get another two. You must first go to Thunder Bluff (if you don't have the flightpath, follow the road south of Crossroads until you hit Camp Tarajo (flightpath here), then go west for a very long time, until the grass is green and herds of kodos pass you by, and you should hit Thunder Bluff eventually. It's hard to miss.

Inside Thunder Bluff, go to the center stair tower and go to the third level. In the building in the back, you will find Cairn Bloodhoof. Get the flightpath by going back to the center stair tower and following it up all the way to the top.

Return to Orgrimmar and buy ice cream by the guy near the bank (you can see the mailbox behind me). You CAN buy the ice cream ahead of time. I bought it before leaving for the first set of quests.

All quests should be finished. Return the child to the orphan matron, and she'll offer you:
  • [Piglet's Collar] Summons Mr. Wiggles the pig.
  • [Turtle Box] Summons Speedy the turtle.
  • [Rat Cage] Summons Whiskers the rat.
  • [Curmudgeon's Payoff] Receive 5 gold.
Choose one.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Children's Week, or "High on the Hog . . . or Turtle . . . or Rat"

Alliance Guide

A yearly event, Children's Week only lasts -- you guessed it -- a week.

Getting Around to Major Cities

I went over this on the Lunar Festival post, but let's do it again.

First way is to buy [Rune of Portals]x4 from a Reagent Vendor and ask a 40+ mage to make you a deal on portals to cities. Get the flight paths.

Darnassus to Ironforge: Take the boat from Darnassus to Auberdine, then from Auberdine to Menethil Harbor. Take the road from Menethil Harbor south through the Wetlands (levels 19 or lower will probably aggro beasts, but I got a level 12 through and only died 3 times the whole trip), and south through the pass to Dun Morogh. While you're in that area, go ahead and get the Loch Modan flight path in Thelsamar, because you need it for a Children's Week quest.
Ironforge to Darnassus: Do that backwards.

Ironforge to Stormwind: Take the Deeprun Tram in Tinker Town.
Stormwind to Ironforge: Take the Deeprun Tram in the Dwarven District.

The 5 Alliance Quest Places

Each quest gives you 650 experience, 75 reputation with Alliance

First, go to Stormwind Cathedral District and find the chick I've circled, right in front of the orphanage. She'll give you a whistle that summons your orphan, who will give you the quests you need to perform. So you don't have to return to this woman until all the quests for the kid are done.
Westfall Lighthouse: (30,86) South-southwest of Westfall, an island in the ocean.

Bank in Darnassus

Loch Modan Dam: Northern part of Loch Modan. Low level area. Go to the very center of the dam.

Jaina Proudmoore: (66,48) Top of the center tower on Theramore Isle. Take boat from Menethil Harbor to get to the isle.

Ice Cream Vendor: (53,65) Near the Stormwind mailbox by the bank.

Go back to Stormwind's Cathedral District and claim one of four rewards. ^_^


[Piglet's Collar] Summons Mr. Wiggles the pig.

[Turtle Box] Summons Speedy the turtle.

[Rat Cage] Summons Whiskers the rat.

[Curmudgeon's Payoff] Receive 5 gold.

Speedy and I

Monday, May 21, 2007

Alchemy, or "Drown Yourself in Peacebloom"

Duh Information

Any profession requires that you level with it. You cannot, for example, train Journeyman without being at least level 10.

Trainers can be found in most major cities.


Leveling Alchemy

(Information taken from WoWWiki alchemy guide and simplified.)

Does not include alchemy supplies that can be bought from vendor.

Peacebloom: 60
Silverleaf: 60
Mageroyal: 20
Briarthorn: 90
Stranglekelp: 50
Bruiseweed: 35
Wild Steelbloom: 10
Kingsblood: 40
Liferoot: 40
Goldthorn: 50
Khadgar's Whisker: 20
Sungrass: 70
Blindweed: 35
Arthas' Tears: 25
Golden Sansam: 60
Mountain Silversage: 30
Golden Sansam: 20
Felweed: 60
Imbued Vial: 100
Ragveil: 40
Dreaming Glory: 80
Nightmare Vine: 40

Numbers are the alchemy skill number.

0-60 Minor Healing Potion
60-110 Lesser Healing Potion
105-110 Elixir of Wisdom
110-140 Healing Potion
140-155 Lesser Mana Potion
155-185 Greater Healing Potion
185-210 Elixir of Agility
210-215 Elixir of Greater Defense
215-230 Superior Healing Potion
230-250 Elixir of Detect Undead
250-265 Elixir of Greater Agility
265-285 Superior Mana Potion (Darnassus)
285-300 Major Healing Potion (Everlook in Winterspring)
301-315 Volatile Healing Potion
316-330 Sneaking Potion
331-350 Super Healing Potion
351-375 Major Dreamless Sleep Potion (Thunderlord Stronghold in Blade's Edge Mts)

Side-Note on Lack of Posts

I've been writing a lot, which is something that may eventually make me some money, unlike Warcraft which just takes all of my money.

So that's why the lack of posts.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ventrilo, or "Talk to Me"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

Ventrilo is a program Warcraft players use to voice-chat over their computers. You may listen with headphones or participate with a microphone. For example, the Leeroy Jenkins video has players talking over Ventrilo (aka Vent).

The Leeroy Jenkins video is infamous, but also staged -- Leeroy is afk (away from keyboard) while they're planning a detailed attack plan. It's going to be a hard battle!

My Vent Setup Walkthrough

Remember, you don't have to have a mic to set up Vent. You can still listen without one, you just can't talk.

First, go download Vent on the Ventrilo website and install it. You want to download the "Client" that matches your operating system: Windows/Mac/Linux.

Next, open Vent.

1-4. Create your user name -- this is just a name you want to go by, preferably your real or character name, whichever you're known as. (Don't worry about the other text boxes in the Setup User field, you don't need them.)

5-8. Set up your guild ip/hostname and password. You can name (6-7) the server anything you want -- I usually put the person running the server's name and the guild name abbreviated. So if Zach creates the server for our twink guild, Hugs for Horde, I put "Zach - Hugs" as the server name. After it's named, you need the ip/hostname and password (8), both of which you can get from your guild folk.

9. Connect while another person is on and see if they can hear you.

If they can't, go into Setup and check your amplifiers (bottom right). Make sure outbound is turned up (that's how well other people hear you) and inbound is to your liking (how well you hear others). I had to turn my outbound up all the way.

You might also want to hotkey your Vent. Since I changed the hotkey for auto-run (default NumLock), I made NumLock my Vent key. If you don't have a hotkey, then the mic will pick up everything you say instead of just what you want others to hear -- including burps and chewing noises if you're eating.

If you're still having problems, use the Playback (output) and Recording (input) buttons below the Amplifiers to reach your computer's master sound panels. Make sure your microphone is turned on, etc.

And that's all I know about it. If you have further problems, contact a computer-savvy guild member who knows more about this than I do. ^_^;

Friday, May 11, 2007

Blizzcon 2007, or "An Excuse to Whine About Murloc Pets"

Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California
August 3-4, 2007

Again, we have a Blizzcon happening in California and even Korea, but not anywhere near the east coast. So I can't go. One of our guildmates is going to the California one, because he lives in California, and he'll get a happy fun murloc pet (if they're still giving those out). If we're lucky, he'll get a couple of extra, and I won't have to buy my brother a birthday present this year.

Anyway, I found two things relating to murloc pets.

1) Murloc videos: Crazy & If I Had a Murloc.
2) The horde NPC who takes your code and gives you a murloc pet. He's in Orgrimmar near the fishing trainer (I was training fishing, noticed the murloc pet, took some shots). Again, for those of you who haven't read the Wanting Blizzard Dead post, attendees of Blizzcons each get their own individual code that they turn in on the website to get an in-game code, which they give to this guy. Codes can only be used once and are all different from each other.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Influx, or "It's About Time We Had a Pink Update"

It's time for PINK again, everybody! Today, on our list of pink guilds and items, we begin with the Pink Mageweave Shirt, which is wearable by anybody but fairly expensive to acquire, being made of mageweave. If, however, you're willing to buy some mageweave on an AH (3 bolts or 15 cloth), I'm sure a reputable tailor would be willing to make it for you -- for free if it's your guild tailor (and you're bringing them the mageweave, pink dye, and heavy silken thread), for a small fee if it's a stranger.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Firemane Leggings, or "Further Adventures in Hooker-Wear"

I was in a battleground and got a shot of girly to your right here. Then I tried them on myself and got another shot. Firemane Leggings are mail, +strength, +stam, reduced fire damage.

Try clothing on by ctrl-left-clicking on the item name in game.

It's kind of pink-ish. Looks awful with a pink shirt, kind of lame on the blood elf build, too *cough*slutty*cough* on a night elf build, and I don't think I'd wear these even if they were leather, except maybe under a tabard. They're a little too "I wish I could fight naked, but this is the next best thing"-ish.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Buffing, or "Can I Get Fort?"

Now, there are some places I really don't mind buffing people. In a 5-man party . . . right before a battleground starts . . . in instances . . . passing each other on the road or in a safe little town . . . when another person is in trouble and needs help . . .

But when we're in the middle of a battleground, when I have 1 non-mage-made drink left in my bags and just enough mana to shield myself and one other person in case we get jumped by rogues (which happens), I do not, and I mean NOT appreciate being asked to use the rest of my mana to fortitude some dork. (I always fortitude the flag carrier in Warsong Gulch, but that's different.)

Yes, I am a shadow priest. Yes, this means I don't heal well. But my main job in a battleground is still shielding and healing. It is NOT giving people fortitude, which drains ONE THIRD of my mana and doesn't protect half as much as a good old-fashioned shield does.

(Btw, any priest who doesn't use shield or heal in battlegrounds is dumb. It might use more mana if you're shadow, but it keeps the people who can tank alive so they can protect you -- and, more importantly, what you're trying to defend. Plus, when you aide an ally by shield/healing, you share the honor from their kill.)

Anyway, I just wanted to rant. Thanks for not throwing fruit.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tailoring, or "Don't Vendor Your Linen"

Duh Information

Any profession requires that you level with it. You cannot, for example, train Journeyman without being at least level 10.

Trainers can be found in most major cities.


Leveling Tailoring

(Information taken from WoWWiki tailoring 0-375 guide and simplified.)

Does not include tailoring supplies that can be bought from vendor.

Linen Cloth: 180
Wool Cloth: 200
Silk Cloth: 860
Mageweave Cloth: 460
Runecloth: 900
Netherweave Cloth: 3600
Rugged Leather: 120
Knothide Leather: 30
Arcane Dust: 240
Netherweb Spider Silk: 40

Numbers are the tailoring skill number.

1-50 Bolt of Linen Cloth
45-50 Linen Belt
50-75 Linen Bag
75-105 Bolt of Woolen Cloth
100-105 Woolen Cape
105-115 Gray Woolen Shirt
115-125 Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders
125-145 Bolt of Silk Cloth
145-160 Azure Silk Hood
160-170 Silk Headband
170-175 Formal White Shirt
175-185 Bolt of Mageweave
185-210 Crimson Silk Vest
210-215 Crimson Silk Pantaloons
215-225 Orange Mageweave Shirt
225-235 Black Mageweave Gloves
235-250 Black Mageweave Shoulders
250-260 Bolt of Runecloth
260-275 Runecloth Belt
275-280 Runecloth Bag*
280-300 Runecloth Gloves
300-325 Bolt of Netherweave
325-340 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave*
335-345 Netherweave Boots
345-360 Netherweave Tunic
360-375 Imbued Netherweave Robe, or Imbued Netherweave Tunic*

* Must buy the recipe from a vendor or AH.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hitting 40, or "Dustfire is Stronger, Faster, and Prettier Than You"

. . . Unless you're higher level or have an epic mount or play a female Night Elf.

But for anyone under or just over 40, I'm totally geared out to kick butt.

First thing when I dinged 40 (a thank you to Kbone/Occult for helping me level, who has 7 alts, half of which are 40+, and who started on Zuluhed the same time the rest of us did -- you're a machine), was get Shadow Form on the talent tree. If you do only priest shadow tree until 40, you get Shadow Form at 40. ^_^

Then I went to Silvermoon to train (9 things -- fantastic!) and ran out and southeast of the city to find the riding instructor and mount vendor. The instructor is in the building, the vendor is outside surrounded by mounts.

Although I'm a scaaaary shadow priest, I picked the red one because it has purple-tipped wings (matches my outfit). The purple one would have been too much purple, and I think the red one will coordinate better with any outfits I choose. Also, I was debating about the black/grey one, because I'm a scaaaary shadow priest, but it just didn't go with anything I might wear, even though black/grey is supposed to be a neutral color. Plus, if my outfit and mount clash, I can just ride around in shadow form, and that would make the mount black/grey anyway. And we'd totally match that way.

And, lastly, blue was out of the question because Nevari got blue. It's bad enough that Manasseh and I have matching robes -- I don't want to come to the instance on the same mount as another teammate. That would just be embarrassing.

So I bought a red hawkstrider and named her Nell, after my grandmother. (You can't actually name them like you can a pet, with the name officially over its head, but I'm going to call her Nell when I talk to other people about her.) And here are pictures of me and Nell and shadow form.

By the way, getting to 40 rocks because your character just gets more fun. I've heard a lot of classes are boring before 40, and that's why you want to keep going on just one character until they're maxed out, unless you're Kbone/Occult and can level 7 characters to 70 in one hour or something ridiculous like that.