Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aw Crap, or "Am I Really Closing Down the Blog? Really?!"

Well, ladies and gents, it looks like it's time for me to move on from WoW and, thus, close Letters from Birdfall.

I don't have babies or mortgages (yet) but most of my friends and family have those and they're playing a lot less, which means I'm playing a lot less.

I've played Sims 3 the last two weeks (pets expansion in October, woot!), and I'm working on creating my own neighborhood to stick my Real Life friends in.  Been at it for a few months, but I've really been into it now while I'm between temp jobs.

I will be going into other MMOs eventually, but I doubt I'll spend much time in WoW except maybe a holiday or two for old time's sake.  Lots of my friends are happy with Rift and there's the Star Wars MMO coming out later, and the "Titan" unnamed Blizzard MMO is coming out much later, so lots of options for when I want a new game.

If you want to keep up with me as a person:
  • personal & writing blog here
  • writing website here
  • web comics here
  • Sims 3 downloads here
It's been fun, and I'm happy to have met everyone who's stopped by.  :)

Thanks for putting up with me!