Monday, October 27, 2008

Ah, Memories, or "The Best Part of the Plague"

The plague is ending today, and, though extra bosses and invasions will linger for a little while longer, it does mean that we won't be able to turn into zombies anymore.

Last night, I got to turn into a zombie and kill NPCs in Shattrath, which means -- DIE, WAFFLEFRY, AND TASTE MY ZOMBIE WRATH!!!


I hate Whirligig Wafflefry.

Every time I go afk above him, I come back to a chat log filled with advertisements for his stupid waffle iron.

So... I've always wanted to maim his stupid little gnome body.

And my husband took me to him and we held hands and killed him, then tottered around for a bit until he respawned, and then we killed him again. It was all very sweet, and reminded me of a poem I wrote in college about how even if we turn into zombies and rip the flesh from our neighbor's bones, I'll be happy as long as we're doing it together.


  1. Far and above your best blog post yet! Perfect balance of information, personal anecdote and sociopathic creepiness.

  2. Sheer brilliance, to your post and Blizzards zombie fest!

    I had particular joy during the early days of the fest when the zombie timer was at 10 minutes. Everybody else sat about waiting to be consumed by the desire for brains however for me, as a paladin, simply bubble and voila, one hungering zombie!

    I would walk up to annoying guildies, random people, and Alliance (im a blood elf) and unleash the power of the Lich King upon them. Surely the best world event yet.

    When the timer got to less than a minute, I became all Holy again and created a 'safe house' in Orgrimmar next to the bank, the one with the repair Tauren in it. No healers meant I was constantly in action. I even got tipped 5gold by a grateful bank alt :)

  3. This made me laugh so hard! Haha good blog Birdfall :)


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