Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Farming Multitask, or "How to Soften the Grind"

You have two great options.

If your system can handle it, watch a movie while you grind. Do this by going into your login screen, click "Options," and choose windowed mode. Squish your screen down and have the movie (or TV series) running below it on your screen. How big do the mobs have to be, honestly, for you to kill and loot?

If your system can't handle video+WoW, try some radio programs or audio books. Your local library is almost sure to have popular books on CD that you can check out (from Stephen King to Twilight) and my husband loves to listen to This American Life, which streams shows for free from their website. I personally have all of the Lake Wobegon discs on my Amazon wishlist because Garrison Keillor cracks me up.

The only drawback is you can't watch anything subtitled.

My Current Faves:
Stuff I have to wait and watch with husband:
  • Everything else.


  1. First off?

    Lake Woebegone is hilarious. Listened to that as a kid during car trips (and with relatives an hour and a half away, that's an eternity for anyone under the age of 12).

    Second, if you haven't watched Burn Notice yet, get thee to Netflix!

    Or whatever you use, nowadays...

  2. I love Burn Notice. It's one of the things I watch with husband, along with Castle and Heroes and Psych and Community and Dollhouse and The Office and Royal Pains. (We watch stuff on Hulu during meals and exercise.)

  3. *nods knowingly*

    I am sad only because if I do go back to real college in January, I will not be able to watch it with my parents and siblings. And that, my dear poster, is where all the real laughs are to be had!

  4. /comfort
    /wide sleepy eyes, fists under chin
    /nod nod

    /fall over

    I've been mining for my whole "sell mats in Cataclysm thing." Zombie now.


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