Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of the Dead 2009, or "Skeletons in Hats Confuse Me"

Day of the Dead


Go to your home city or a neutral city. Find its graveyard. Find Catrina. Dance with her.

Buy the ingredients for Bread of the Dead: 1 simple flour from cooking vendor, 1 ice cold milk from an innkeeper. Buy recipe in the graveyard and cook it at the graveyard fire (requires graveyard fire specifically). Then buy an [Orange Marigold] from the graveyard vendor. Once you have the bread, use the marigold in the graveyard, look for the one spirit with a !, and accept/turn in the bread quest.

You will receive one fake pet (bag space item) and an achievement from this.

Epic Moments

I totally thought a guy in the costume didn't have real gear on in WSG and asked him to change.


If that wasn't dumb enough, it took me 2 more hours to realize we had a new holiday on hand.

And I almost missed it! Stupid Hyacinth Macaw farming. /grumble

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  1. I know that it's the first thing you wrote but for all those that, like me, doesn't really think:

    Go to your STARTING city - that's Silvermoon for Blood Elves eg.

    Thank you Birdfall for writing all of this! We didn't know there even was a quest...


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