Sunday, September 13, 2009

Phoenix Mount, or "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG"

A friend recorded the whole fight, and I'll get you a link when he has it available. (Here's a link of me flying.)

This was our third run. Third. I'm absurdly lucky and don't deserve it, but I needed a pick-me-up after lunch today. We went out with a family I really like and my only female friend in town, and I started sniffling about moving away (2.5 weeks, and then we'll live by my brother and his wife).

So then we got home and ran TK and... um... it dropped.


I'm still not entirely sure it's real.

Our strat here.

P.S. All credit should go to the people in that first screenshot and the ones who've helped in the past. They are awesome and I wouldn't have it if they hadn't been so generous and kind. They've known that this has been my one big want in the game since I heard about it and they're amazing people. Super-amazing and awesome. ^_^

P.P.S. It trails love. And joy.


  1. WUT WUT WUT WUT WUT WUT WUT WUT!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!1!!!!1!11!1



  2. Hah!! Congratulations...well deserved reward! :)

  3. I think our one "word" pretty much sums it up..


  4. Sorry I wasn't there but I'm glad you got it this time!! x)

  5. You can make it up at Six Flags next weekend, Pez. By not making me ride anything vomit-inducing. >_>

  6. LOL. Or I can make it up for you by getting one next week instead of going to Six Flags? xP Muahahaha.

  7. I'm not sure how that would constitute "making up for" anything.

  8. 0.0




    I'm insanely jealous, but who cares! You got teh Phoenix!

    Time to go flaunt your awesomeness, dear.

  9. I've been sitting on Dalaran's well in front of the horde bank. I don't really need the attention, but I want my guild to get the credit for this, because they're the ones who helped me, and they deserve it.

    And I have been getting whispers, though it can be very confusing when people have similar names. I totally didn't realize I was replying to two different guys at one point and luckily didn't mistell.

  10. Your screenshot on WoW Insider is amazing-- and I'm so glad you got the Phoenix finally... now just to get that hubby of yours his title. :)

  11. And that hubby of YOURS his. Didn't he want Undying?

  12. Wow grats. I've been farming it as well with a bunch of awesome people. Today is going to be my 5th attempt. I hope it drops soon because I think people are getting sick of coming :(

  13. I hoped you wont get it... now, what are you going to write in your blog?

    Just kidding. Although I'll miss the phoenix posts. Kind of kills a long "story arc". :-)

    Big gz!


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