Thursday, April 30, 2009

For the Children, or "Terror for Tots"

Dusty's the kind of girl who puts kids in orphanages -- or sweatshops, if it would make her money. Birdfall would put up with the kids and even care about their welfare, but she'd treat them like responsibilities, like a duty. It's my draenei warrior who likes kids the most. :) She tells them jokes and stories and teaches them cool stuff like how to spit without getting it on your shoes.

This is a list of preparations for the For the Children achievement, which awards the title "Matron" for females and "Patron" for males.

  • Delicious Chocolate Cake -- Cooking Profession (AH) -- 8 Simple Flour, 4 Ice Cold Milk, 4 Mild Spices, 8 Small Egg, 1 Flask of Port, 3 Mageroyal
  • Tasty Cupcake -- 350 Cooking Profession (AH) -- 1 Northern Egg, 2 Simple Flour
  • Red Velvet Cupcake (Lvl 75) -- Aimee (Dalaran)
  • Lovely Cake (Lvl 75) -- Aimee (Dalaran)
  • Dalaran Brownie (Lvl 75) -- Aimee (Dalaran)
  • Dalaran Doughnut (Lvl 70) -- Aimee (Dalaran)
Aimee is by the northern bank in Dalaran.

If you can cook those first two, feel free. They are drops from the cooking daily (cake) and world (cupcake). You can also make money selling cakes and cupcakes on the AH, or even farming materials (low levels, go farm small eggs).

Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream is sold in Org and Stormwind during Children's Week, by the banks. It's required for the Azeroth orphan quest as well as this achievement.

Daily Quest + Orphan

Do 5 dailys with your orphan out -- no time restrictions, no counter reset, just sometime this week. This was a hotfix to nerf the 1 a day for 5 days, though they haven't fixed the achievement text. Working as intended.

If you need to find a daily, I always found the easiest to be the Kalu'ak dailies. The other easiest is the cooking daily, if you have all the mats at hand, because you get to stay in Dalaran to do it.

Utgarde Pinnacle + Orphan
Level 80 Instance

This will be the hardest for lower levels and solo players. The only thing I can recommend is looking for a Normal (non-heroic) group in the appropriate channels and be willing to go tank or heals if you need to. Also, prepare to do this on the very first day. Later in the week, it'll be harder to find an interested pick-up-group, particularly on low-pop servers.

Hearth With Orphan Out

After Utgarde, you might as well hearth home away from that little brat. That'll get you another necessary achievement.


No way to sugarcoat this one. It'll be the toughest for 80's. Utgarde Pinnacle is toughest for anyone lower than 75. This one will just take perserverence, knowledge, and plenty of luck. This will also be a good week to battleground for marks for mounts, because people who don't normally battleground will be very involved. Fewer twinks, more people running around trying to complete the following achievements rather than applying skilled strategy. Most of your enemies won't care about winning this week as much as getting their achievements.
  • Warsong Gulch -- This will be the hardest for many. You must help kill the enemy flag carrier and return the flag that he drops with your orphan out. The trick to this is spam-clicking the spot where it will drop right before he dies. I know several people who have yet to return one flag ever because everyone around the enemy will be spam-clicking -- that's just what you do. The easiest way to get this is to arrange full premades with friends where you give each other free flag returns.
  • Arathi Basin -- This is one of the easiest. Just keep playing until you manage to nab one of the five points with your orphan out. The best strategy is to go where the enemy isn't and attack weak points. Go in with a premade or partial premade for best coordination.
  • Eye of the Storm -- Still pretty easy, especially if your team is winning. Keep at least one of the four points and dominate the center of the map, where the flag is. Pick it up with your orphan out and run it to a point you own to capture and earn the achievement. Lots of chances for this.
  • Alterac Valley -- Assault a Tower. Alliance assault these Horde towers. Horde assault these Alliance Towers. The group will go in and take out the enemy mobs. Head straight to the flag and grab it while the others wipe up the mobs. Here's hoping I got those towers mapped right -- not so sure about the Horde positions as I usually attack Alliance.

Tomorrow, I'll begin to cover any new portions of this holiday. The data mined "Curious Gorloc Hatchling" and "Curious Wolvar Pup" hint at Northrend orphans connected to the Oracles and Frenzyheart in Sholazar Basin, but we'll see.


  1. You can also buy Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream earlier in Nagrand's inns.

  2. A simple request was or is not as easy because it was like this.

    - Do a quest.
    - Wait for the dailys to reset.
    - Do a quest but return it within 24 hours of the time you returned the last quest.
    - Wait for the dailys to reset.
    - Do a quest but return it within 24 hours of the time you returned the last quest.

    and so on.

    If you returned one quest at 8 pm the first day, you'll have to turn the quest in no later than 7:59 pm the next day.

    During the children week there is a maintenance day. Make sure your 24 hours don't end within the server downtime.

    And, the original achievement was and is horrible bugged.

  3. What day does this start? I want to get my new pets ASAP.

  4. Friday, May 1st, aka tomorrow.

    Kring -- The guy who recommended doing 1 daily in the morning and 1 in the evening would be a safe method, then.


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