Friday, May 1, 2009

3.1.2 Mount Photos, or "Some Look Worse, Some Look Better"

From MMO-Champion. They took screenshots at night, so the colors aren't all as clear as they could be.

Significant mounts of note: Horse has a detailed blanket and gold plating, Skeletal Warhorse has stripes, Hawkstrider is light grey, Wolf has a little horde warpaint on his back leg.

The other mounts are hard to differentiate unless you look closely, for me at least.



    This set off their website shows them a bit more clearly, they're colored to match the faction banners and most of them have the faction symbol somewhere on them (eg: The Exodar symbol is on the side-armor pads of the Elekk, the Darnassus tree is on the helmet of the tiger). :)

  2. I am loving the Stormwind mount for the extra livery it has on but the rest seem 'same old same old' for me.

    The Hawkstrider totally devalues the Swift White one that I have. It is also no different really. It's like Kael'Thas let his White Hawkstrider just get a bit dirty so it looks off colour.

    Also if they are meant to be making the mounts more representative of the faction why a White hawkstrider? Sure, there is Silvermoon City but I think a Sin'dorei steed similar in style to the Paladin charger would have been a nice touch.

  3. I looked at the official photos and the hawkstrider is a pale grey. It does look a lot like the white one, but the main color is different -- so they can be told apart.

    One good thing is that the great colors in the original skins will be available at a "cheaper" rate for anyone not collecting.

  4. Pah.

    That's still 2500g to sink into them. T.T

    Sooooo much money to waste.


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