Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Professional, or "Handling Day-to-Day Gemcutting"

So I'm in Dalaran by the horde bank, hanging out with my new gruntling, feeding him pet food and thinking up other mean things to do to him, and the following scene plays out behind me. I gathered from their different guild names, the chat log, and the fact that Athrasie did the crafting animation at one point, that they were strangers conducting a gemcutting transaction.

They part ways. Fin.


  1. Someone on Trade the other day posted a LF enchanter message. I checked the name, he's a level 50 pally. I'm finally reaching the point that I have enchants players under level 60 actually want so I asked the guy what he's looking for.

    "+18 stam to shield, but you don't have it. No one does. I'm getting sick of looking."

    Nice, huh. I should have blown him off right there. Instead I saw the chance to make someone happy because it turns out I do have it! It's a good enchant. About 25g for mats + vellum. I can sell them for 30-40g in the AH. In fact, because I make money on it, I hesitate a bit to offer. I mean, I could just tell him to check the AH, right? But I'm still in friendly mode.

    My hearthstone was on cooldown, I was in flight to Nagrand and he was in Stormwind. I really didn't want to hang out in Stormwind (I mean, friendly only goes so far), so I told him if he can get to Shatt, I'd meet him there. I landed in Nagrand and hopped right back onto a flight back to Shatt. A short time after I landed in Shatt, he found a mage that could teleport him there. We made the transaction.

    No tip.

    WTF? It's an enchant he's having a hard time getting, one that enchanters can make money on, that I went out of my way to get to him . . . and what do I get for it?

    "Hey, where's an innkeeper I want to set my hearth here."

    Not even a thanks.

    After that, I could have been Athrasie.

  2. I don't get it... probably because I'm not an English native. :-)


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