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Argent Tournament Part 3, or "Champion"

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Before You Get Champion Dailies

Pick up [Valiant's Challenge].

Find Squire Danny on the west side of the ring just north of the western tent. Talk to him, beat a Champion. If you feel comfortable, toss in a few charges to the rotation I suggested before.

Turn it in, squee at your Champion achievement and equip your city's "of ____" title if you're exalted with them.

Pick up [A Champion Rises].

Head to the far western tent and speak to the woman who started all this mess. She'll give you the little brat you can now torture (or love) and 10 [Champion's Seal]s. The seals are in your currency tab from now on, not in your bags. The kid is a real pet (thus you can learn him as a spell) and you can ask him to carry your colors, which makes a flag spawn on him. His tabard doesn't change.

Pick up [Eadric the Pure] or [Crok Scourgebane], whichever she offers.

Eadric is to your right in the building by daily quest givers. Crok is on the north side of the Colosseum toward the middle of the grounds.

Champion Dailies
  • [Among the Champions] - Defeat 4 Champions.
  • [Battle Before the Citadel] - 1 Commander (green), 5 Lieutenants (red), 10 flying things.
  • [Battle to the Enemy] - Kill 15 Scourge.
  • [Threat from Above] - 2-3 person group quest available after you finish The Black Knight quest chain. Find the elite Chillmaw just west of Aldur'thar in Icecrown, kill him and 3 Bombardiers.
These quests give you 5 [Champion's Seal]s altogether and each gives a choice between 250 rep for any major city and a bag of 10 gold.

Let's not forget that the Colosseum is still incomplete and we might see more dailies open up once it's finished, much like the Isle of Quel'danis.

Champion Another City

Go back to your faction tent. You'll see quests available from each race to become a Valiant for another city.

Valiant and Champion quests can be done at the same time, as they have a lot of overlapping goals.

If you just finished your 5th day of Valiant quests to hit Champion, don't panic if they don't show up for your new city. Just wait until tomorrow, when they reset.

Goodies, Prices, and Timing

Viktor went over this on his blog, mentioning it will take 255 days to grind your way to ALL the tabards, pets, banners, and mounts.

My suggestion is to find a friend (or husband) willing to do the elite daily with you but who isn't interested in the buyable goods, and convince them (or pay them) to help you get pets. Also use any 80 alts to maximize the grind and gather/sell pets, if you can stand the extra time investment. It's a very good money-making opportunity on the neutral AH once you're done collecting.

For all five pets, you need 200 seals at 5 a day. 40 days.

All six mounts are a comprehensive 750 seals at 5 a day. 150 days.

Still, these are solo grindable and I urge people to go for it. :) There's a lot of money to be made in this particular pet trade, too. Considering how long it takes to grind the pets, players will be looking for any way to minimize time spent, even if it means hemorrhaging gold. Add that to the gold you make from the quests themselves, and you can be very rich indeed.

Take into account, though, that they'll likely add more dailies once the
Colosseum is finished, causing pet costs to go down. I plan on taking a risk and selling my first pet on the neutral AH.


  1. Thanks for the info on sharing quests for championing another city! I was scared at first when I only had the one daily for Undercity lol.

  2. Yeah, I was confused about Darkspear Trolls at first. ^_^;

  3. I agree with your post, especially about the pet selling idea ^_^ However, I still find the champion quests oh so more annoying than the aspirant or valiant ones.

    We have to kill 1 commander this time alongside 5 lieutenants. Most of the time you have idiots charging in pulling big groups, dying, and then they charge after you cause you're the closest enemy *sigh*. I wish they would either make things hard on purpose or remove all the bugs that make things seem ridiculous. The comnmander you have to properly duel as if you were at the tournament grounds. Except this time, you've got scouts and lieutenants baying for your blood giving the commander a severe advantage from the start. If you attempt to pull him away to fight him in a safe spot he will either reset or pursue you mercilessly halfway across Icecrown until you die. (I mean come on, die on dailies?! The repair for me in plate would not be worth the daily)

    The group quest actually requires a group of atleast 2 or 3 and whilst I appreciate initial interest will be high, what if a solo seal farmer is having difficulty forming a group in a couple of weeks time?

    And I am going to be so bored of fighting champions day after day. Especially seen as they seem to be able to charge you from 1 yard away and do the same with shield breaker.

    They are trying to make a more fun version of Quel'Danas I think but in it's current state it's actually more buggy, more annoying and so much more painful than the Quel'Danas dailies ever were.

  4. Interesting to note, there will be more ways to get seals:

    Argent Tournament - More seal sources in future patches

    I'd just like to add there will be more ways to acquire seals in the future. We'll provide more details a bit down further the road. ;)

    And the link: http://www.worldofraids.com/wow-blue-tracker/us-forums/16473912629-argent-tournament-is-not-worth-it.html#68


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