Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3.1 Today, or "Mountses and Petses, Woot!"

I've been MIA both here and in my guild while I get Birdfall closer to 80 because The Argent Tournament is kind of snobby about its dailies -- lower levels can't do them.

Alas, Birdy is only 73, but that still means I got 11 levels in fairly short order. I figure I can work on the dailies for Dusty and take my time on Birdy.


For those of you who've been a little slow learning about the pets coming in the Argent Tourney, it will be reasonably good business to begin trading your faction pets through the neutral AH. If you don't have a character stationed at Booty Bay or Gadgetzan, I suggest getting one set up soon. I got a level 1 gnome to Booty Bay through The Barrens, so no level complaints for u! Just accept that you'll die and keep to the roads whenever possible. (If you don't have a DK yet and don't expect to ever use one, congratulations. You just found your neutral bank.)

While I can't promise A.T. pet trading will be the best business, it will still be reasonable business, and you'll be doing your server a service by helping people get pets they want. I expect prices to be a little inflated at first and then settle into a good chunk of gold (normal vendor pets go 5-10g, these pets might run 30-50g on average). Either way, they'll be a decent source of income because they require a bit of a grind and because that grind also gives you more income. It's a win-win.

Sea Turtle

I'm very sorry to say that the turtle has turned an angry and unfriendly blue, per Mania's warcraftmounts news section (click her screenshot link). She says it's lovely, I say it's time to beg husband for a splurge on TCG.

I don't think I'm going to put in the hours to bother on this one. It was going to be my first priority, but. I never bothered with Magical Crawdad because I didn't love it, though I expect to do it eventually (ever hear a word more loaded with procrastination?), and I won't bother trying to farm this, either.

Actually crying now. /sigh Half expected it, but WoW Insider never reports on important things like this, so I didn't see it when someone fished it up 2 weeks ago.

More Better News

Um... other stuff is happening. Like Noblegarden, and then Children's Week. As usual, look forward to coverage of the stuff I like and leaving out stuff I don't like. XD Because I'm reliable like that.


  1. Arent the pets purchased with the marks you get? If that is the case, I can see the new pets going for over a thousand gold on the neutral AH.

  2. I'm keeping my estimates modest because you'll have a lot of people willing and able to underbid you, especially at first. It's quite possible that the pets will start high, dip very low, then settle on a moderate and stable higher number.

    Husband says the pets equal about 500g in straight equity, since it's 40 dailies to gather enough seals to buy one pet and if each quest gave an average of 13g.

  3. Whooo!

    Except that I can't get the Black or Plagued Proto-drake anymore.


  4. I'd like to give a heads up here. The sprite darter egg seems to be BoP at the minute and a very high drop rate. Not sure if it's a bug or not but I got mine on my 10th kill, and my friends averaging around 20 kills for the drop from sprite darter's in Feralas.

    Get yours now! :)


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