Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tales of Begging, or "Give Me Gold or I'll Make Fun of Your Arena Rating"

I post these things because I'm always surprised they happen. I know by now that such people exist, but it's always a little bit of a shock.

Anyway, basic story is I'm gaining TB rep in Mulgore and a level 3 wants 1g to learn his "moves" (which confused the crap out of me at first -- who calls training "moves"?). You need maybe a few copper, maybe a handful of silver to learn skills that low. You get the cash for it while doing the quests.

He said he had a high level character that could pay me back. Obviously, if his alt has that much money he doesn't need any from me.

So, to avoid getting screwed over by a complete stranger, and because I'm a huge believer in Do It Yourself, I said no and recommended he run to the next town and have his alt send him cash. That is what I do. It is not an unreasonable suggestion.

Then he starts making fun of my arena ratings.

Which makes me really regret not giving him the money. Obviously.

The funny thing is, he made fun of my ratings when Dusty isn't on an arena team. Plum is. And Plum goes to WG more than she does arenas, so her rating sucks. And . . . I don't really care. XD In fact, Dusty has more accomplishments than Plum but he stuck to PVP achievements, not PVE.

Anyway. I thought it was weird and psychotic and thus worth sharing.


  1. A guy in my guild's standard response: "I'm sorry, I'm saving my gold for an upgrade to my begger bugger off trinket".

  2. Jack, that's a wonderful response.

    Really, truly, madly awesome response.

  3. I find it hilarious that he chose to pick on your Arena Rating after WoW has just been through the most imbalanced Arena Season since the game launched.

    Unless you rolled Holy Paladin, Death Knight or Hunter then Arena Season 5 was not going to work out so well.

    I'd also like to add that Arena Season 6 has only just started and that the best players and top teams in the world have had their rating reset and unless they have been playing 24/7 for the past week (it started last Tuesday) then they too will not have very high ratings themselves yet.

    Imo Arena is a joke now and no measure of a WoW players overall skill, aptitude or knowledge.

  4. It's more amusing to me that Dusty isn't even on an arena team. She has no rating at all.

    Also, I failed to mention he was a level 3 BLOOD ELF in the Tauren starting area. He had to pass several mailboxes on his journey, even if he'd had someone port or summon him (and if summon, why not ask THEM for cash?).

  5. *facepalm* Epic Fail.

    Epic Fail is *Epic*.

  6. Sad little people in this sad little world.


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