Saturday, April 25, 2009

Notice: Noblegarden Tomorrow

Even if you're not interested in joining the festivities, show your goodwill to others by breaking out any 18+ females and trotting them into a nearby city. If you want to be very helpful, you can also sit and click off the bunny ear buff so that people can throw it on you repeatedly.

Children's Week starts just before Noblegarden ends. Check your in-game calendars!


  1. I had forgotten that particular achievement. ;) I wonder how Tauren look with bunny ears...

  2. /laughs

    This is going to be as Hell. 8D

    Lamora is going to be looking for that Polymorph: White Rabbit tome this week.

  3. Wait, what? New polymorph?! O.O

    Yup.A commenter says it'll be available for 100 Chocolates. :) I'll try and confirm that.

  4. Will you be doing a write-up on childrens' week? I'm not worried about getting the noblegarden achievement, but since I'm working on the long strange trip, I'm worried about the pvp achievements for childrens' week. I'd love ya even more if you gave some pointers :oD

  5. "Will you be doing a write-up on childrens' week?"

    Always. Plus, they've expanded the holiday into Northrend so I can just link to the Azeroth and Outlands parts and cover Northrend this year. :)

    I'll do a separate post for getting the achievements done, probably closer to the middle of the week, and (as always) expect me to post what I have the first day and keep updating it until its finished.

  6. I mean FUN as Hell.

    I love it when I completely forget to put in a word when I post.

  7. I love it too. It becomes a guessing game, trying to figure out what you meant.


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