Friday, April 10, 2009

Meme, or "Tag, I'm It"

I got tagged for a meme, and while I'm not entirely sure what a meme is, I gather it has to do with answering a list of questions in a communal bloggerly sort of fashion that inspires fellow feeling among... um... bloggers. XD

So here we go.

1. Word Association

Elf :: Ears (been looking up how to sculpt them for a doll project)

Shard :: Epic (been disenchanting and wanting pretty shards)

Epic :: Pants (who doesn't want great pants?)

Cream :: Wainscoting (don't look at me like that -- earlier, I was trying to remember a line in a book I wrote, the character looks up at the decorative detail at the top of the wall, and I can't remember the word for it, but the color was cream. Wainscoting is all I came up with.)

2. When emote annoys you the most?

/spit There's never a polite reason to use it.

3. Gnome punting… bullying or sport?

Bullying if you're alliance. Sport if you're horde.

4. What in game food that makes you hungry IRL?

Red velvet cupcakes. I'm a sucker for red velvet cake. I think it's the icing. Not too sweet, not too plain.


  1. Crown molding is the stuff that goes at the top. Wainscoting is when you apply a wood look panel (or real wood) to the lower half of your wall, usually with moulding at the top edge of it.

  2. You know, I've never had red velvet cake. Do you have a good recipe?

  3. Crown molding, that's right! Ty!

    Hmmm. Oddly enough, the best recipes tend to come from -- I've begged a friend for his recipes and he always says they come from there.

    I've never tried red velvet myself, but Paula Deen (who reminds everyone of my mother) has a video.


  4. Paula Deen... then it's bound to have a pound of butter in it, no? ;oP I'll check it out, thanks :o)

  5. The Food network is one of my few reasons to watch TV. ;)


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