Monday, March 16, 2009

Oracles & Frenzyheart, or "Who Wants Green Slime? I'll Take a Proto-Drake"

I've been running around trying to figure out how to start with the Oracles or Frenzyheart.

This is what you do:

Kill Pitch.

Get the quest [Playing Along].

Do all the Frenzyheart quests. The chain will lead you to the Oracles. Do all their quests.

At the end of the chain, you get to kill this elite (need 2 or 3 people). Once he's dead, he releases an Oracle (Jaloot) and Frenzyheart (Zepik). Kill the one you don't want, keep alive the one you want to pledge your allegiance to. You'll get Honored with whomever you choose, and it's easy to change again later.

Oracle or Frenzyheart?

Most people already know this, but I'll go over it for people who don't ravage all the fresh news on Warcraftpets. :D

This is said with the understanding that you can change from one to the other pretty easily: go Oracle.

[Mysterious Egg] (buyable at Revered with Oracles) has a 7 day timer to turn into [Cracked Egg], which can hatch into one of 4 (tradable/sellable) pets or a super-rare BOP green proto drake flying mount. I also prefer the Oracles as people over the Frenzyheart. It's like the Frenzyheart are the cynical hardcore gamers and the Oracles are the casual carebears. ^_^ And you know which I'm partial to.

I'd keep doing that until you get all 5 items, then go Frenzyheart (unless you're wearing Oracle gear, which would become unusable) for their [Disgusting Jar] (buyable at Revered), which has a 7 day timer for [Ripe Disgusting Jar], which might drop [Frenzyheart Brew], which turns you into a Frenzyheart for 5 minutes (not a consumable, just an item).

I'd probably switch back after getting the Brew to keep farming pets for my friends, but any and all switching is up to you.

If you care about gear and stats more than pets and mounts (in which case, I'm confused why you find my blog interesting), feel free to check the Frenzyheart vs Oracle quartermasters for the gear they offer. I only care about cute things, so that's how I'm advising.

Oh, yeah, and I'm gonna ding 80 on Dustfire after finishing the elite off and pledging myself to the Oracles. Perfect timing. :) Just waiting on husband to wake up so he can help. I could ask someone else, but I'd really like him to be there.

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