Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Argent Tournament Part 2, or "Valiant"

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Pre-Champion: Learning to Valiant

Killing your Valiant - Is the most annoying thing ever. Took me 5 tries and 3 people giving advice. Horde go just west of the area you had to talk to the humans and /tar Squire David. Alliance go southwest and /tar Squire Danny. Mount the appropriate mount nearby (both stabled just outside his ring) and tell the brat you're ready.
  • Before you start, get a stack of 3 Defend (ability 4) up on yourself. Your enemy can remove these charges with Shield Break, so don't let him get range on you to do that.
  • Don't try to use Refresh Mount, as it's only usable out of combat.
  • Don't Charge when he gains distance on you as it does almost no damage. Rather, Shield Break (ability 2) and run in before he can Shield Break you back (you can hit that ability and run in immediately before it hits, you don't have to stay ranged for it to work). Keep minimum range between you and take advantage when he gets just far enough away for you to hit him in the back, then race up so he can't turn and range you. You want to keep your shield intact while removing his.
  • The rest of the time, stay close and use Thrust (ability 1).
  • These abilities have different cooldowns, so a rotation should be easy to get into. You can Thrust right after renewing your Defend.
Turn that in, he'll send you to someone in your tent to be a valiant for your race's city. (I guess you have to do your race before you can do any other city/race.) This opens up the new quests and dailies.


You must get 25 [Valiant's Seal]s at 5 a day to open up the Champion tier. That's 5 days of doing the appropriate quests. Also, your mount vehicle changes to your race's. :)

Daily Quests:
  • The rotating daily is the same three as before. No change.
  • [Field Training] - Kill 10 Icecrown Scourge.
  • [Enemy's Gates] - Fly to this spot and mount one of the horses. Put up your Defendx3, range kill 10 of the flying things, melee kill 3 of the mounted guys, and if the skeletons bother you just run through a crowd of them and you'll kill about 5 at a time.
  • [Grand Melee] - Same strat as pre-quest. Beat 3 Valiants in the ring just outside your tent. The fight will start as soon as you click the text, so make sure your Defend is up. These fights are much harder than the original pre-quest Valiant and take a long time if you don't Shield Break when you get the chance. You move pretty fast but you don't turn well. No one outside the fight can help you. Good luck, stay patient.


  1. Alliance can fight the horde valiants and vice versa. The alliance counterparts are normally crowded, the horde aren't on my server. Might save you some time. And you need to do that for the "lance a lot" achievement.

    After they get range, I charge and ride circle while throwing my shield in their direction. Therefore you can get both, the charge and the shield throw whenever they get range.

  2. I've actually had help from an extremely bored paladin with the melee quest. After he (rightly) commented on my lousy performance, he proceeded to wear down my targets sufficiently for me to kill them. It cost him a lot of health, but it worked.


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