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Argent Tournament Part 1, or "Aspirant"

I'll give you a quick overview of how to get started with the Argent Tournament.

Argent Tournament

As I've mentioned before, it's not the arena tournament. That's PVP. This is just a set of permanent dailies in the far northeast of Icecrown. You can port from Krasus' Landing but need level 77 to participate. The quests send you across the map, so it's good have well-connected flight points or an epic flyer.

One thing I love is that the campground for the tournament is a sanctuary, like Shattrah or Dalaran. PVP is not only frowned upon, it's impossible.

Getting Started: Aspirant

You can get 5 [Aspirant's Seal]s a day. You need 15 to become a Valiant.

Head to the encampment in the far northeast of Icecrown. It's at the very top of the map on the eastern side, north of Sindragosa's Fall.

In the campground, go to the big tent on the western side. You should see Justicar Mariel Trueheart. Pick up the quest [The Argent Tournament] from her. Go to the eastern side of the grounds, there are two tents. The alliance tent is the north one, the horde tent is the south one. Go to yours and turn in the quest.

(There are two daily quests in the general grounds, one for lumber and one for rocks, but these do NOT give you [Aspirant's Seal]s or [Champion's Seal]s, just gold, and they have you fly all over Northrend.)

Pick up the three mastery quests, mount the Sunreaver or Quel'dorei beastie and head north and west along the camp grounds. Make sure your lance is equipped.

The men you have to talk to are humans and are the same for everyone.

Each quest has you using a different combo on a different target type. All three target types are in that one little area by the humans.

Follow the humans' advice on the appropriate target until you have quest complete, and don't forget to heal your mount when the melee target whacks you. (You can take 2-3 hits before your steed dies, so I recommend doing 2, healing, and going back.

Once you finish this, the three dailies open up along with [The Aspirant's Challenge]. It will take you three days of doing all three dailies to get 15 [Aspirant's Seal]s for this quest.

Pick up the three dailies.

The first two are simple and never change.
  • [Learning the Reins] - Go back to any training range in the campground and repeat what you did for the mastery quests.
  • [Training in the Field] - Fly down to anywhere in Icecrown and look for scourge. Kill 8. (When you hover over, it will say if the mob will fulfill quest guidelines.)
The third quest rotates between three and requires a bit of travel.
  • [Blade Fit for a Champion] - Go to Grizzly Hills and fly to the lake just southwest of Camp Oneqwah. Put on the lip balm and /kiss a frog. Put it on again and /kiss another. Repeat until a woman appears, talk to her, and she'll give you the thing.
  • [Worthy Weapon] - Go to Crystalsong Forest at the edge of Icecrown. Gather 4 of the sparkly flowers. Go to northeast Dragonblight, to the lake at the edge of Zul'Drak and Grizzly Hills. Drop into the center of the glowing lights and use the flowers to summon the troll woman. Loot the sword she spawns.
  • [Edge of Winter] - Fly to the middle of southern Crystalsong Forest, up in the mountains. Find Lord Everblaze, kill him, loot his ember. Fly to Howling Fjord, to the lake just south of Camp Winterhoof. Free her, get her weapon.


  1. 10/15 Aspirant's Seals so far...

    At least I'm exalted with all the home cities...

    Oh! I redeemed the code, and I have a screencap with the Tiger. I'm going to post it on A Hordling's Musings today, so keep an eye out.

  2. Small correction: The Aspirant's Seals are not what you buy things with. Those are Champion's Seals. :>

    - You need the 15 Aspirant's Seals to complete the quest so you can start collecting Valiant's Seals.
    - You need 25 Valiant's Seals to complete a quest that let's you start collecting Champion's Seals.
    - Then you use Champion's Seals to buy mounts and mini-pets. (And technically equipment, but who cares about that?)

    The Tournament is like a big layered cake of daily quests.

  3. Yooooou are brilliant. I shall adjust post.

  4. I'll just add something too. You do NOT need a flying mount to access the Tournament grounds because there is a new neutral flight master in Krasus' Landing who will give you transport to the grounds. Upon arrival you can then pick up the flight path and you can go back and forth via this flight path :)

  5. neutral flight master in Krasus' Landing who will give you transport to the groundsOh good! :D Fixed.

  6. Did the calculations, friends.

    It'll take 255 days to get all the mounts, tabards, pets, and banners for the Tournament.

    If you are exalted with a city, you'll get a title like, Lamora of Sen'Jin and an achievement.

    It's more in depth at my own blog.


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