Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lucky, or "Collectors Across WoW Hate My Guild Leader"

Today my guild leader, Teo, got not only the Sprite Darter Hatchling on the first drop but also a Sea Turtle after a 6 hour grind (El's Anglin' predicted something closer to a 40 hour grind).

Jiriki, a regular commenter, mentioned on a recent post that he and his friends had found the Sprite Darter drop to be a lot better than originally predicted -- they found it to be something like 1 in 20. I went to confirm this with Teo (an avid pet collector) and my brother-in-law-in-law (who just likes to hang out). Teo accidentally auto-looted the first drop and ... you guessed it ... got the pet. We spent another 40 minutes before one dropped for me, but the respawn rate was excellent and easily supported four people grinding nonstop.

The only drawback to the fantastic grinding accommodations for the pet is that, as Jiriki mentioned to me, it's bind-on-pickup. So if anyone already has it and is helping you, have them turn off auto-loot or right-click their portrait and put pass on loot to "yes."


  1. I discovered the same thing. I am the proud owner of both the Sprite Darter and the Westfall chicken now.

    Oho. I have to get my fishing up from 216 I think. At least before I try for the fishing achievements.

  2. The darters really do fit the belves well I think. Hmm. Dunno how well they'd fit my death knight though ;o)

  3. Hooray I helped with a screenshot! I'm famous! x)

  4. Thanks for picking up on the comment I made, didn't know how else to tip people off :) But yeh, I am of the opinion the Sprite Darter issue is one of two things:

    1) A bug. This pet was meant to be a low drop rate. A quote here from the official patch notes: 'Sprite Darter Eggs: May now (very rarely) drop from Sprite Darters in Feralas. Note that only Horde characters can attack and kill Sprite Darters.'

    2) If it isn't a bug then it was intended to be BoP and have a high drop rate. I think it may have been a late change if it is this option. Alliance getting the pet from an easy quest and the Horde from a tough grind still seems imbalanced, so maybe they made the change for this reason :)

    I don't think anybody on my server even has the turtle mount yet! O_o! Congrats to Teo!

    Is there any chance of an update on which area he fished the turtle from? Im not 100% certain but im hearing a lot of rumours that it may or may not have increased drops from fishing schools that are near the frozen sea (i.e Western Howling Fjord, Southern Dragonblight and Eastern Borean Tundra)

  5. Fantastic screenshot of the darter and turtle together btw :)

  6. El's Anglin' said "The Sea Turtle mount can be caught from 'any' pool in Northrend. Any except quest-only pools, such School of Tasty Reef Fish. Turtles are simply very rare catches from these pools. Expect to catch thousands of fish from pools before finding a turtle."

    I think any rumors that it's a higher drop from this or that pool are just hopeful thinking caused by one or even two people succeeding with a certain pool type. Once we have hard statistics, I'm sure every pool will balance out at the same low percentage. It's like walking into an instance and having a legendary drop on the first try, or someone winning at roulette -- some people will always go "What did we do different that caused this?" and examine the amount of perspiration on the croupier's hands when he/she tossed the ball or the way someone stood during the relevant fight when, in reality, it was simply the RNG gods being random and giving a big payoff.

  7. That´s nice to know. I will try to farm the sprite dart this weekend.

  8. Just updating... I got my sprite darter at the THIRD darter I killed. And I finnaly got a Mr. Pinchy, but he didn´t give me the pet yet. 1 charge gone, 2 to go!
    I must be wrong, but... did the average pet drop increased in 3.1? All pets, I mean, not only the new ones.


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