Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ulduar Funs, or "Relaxing Time is Relaxing"

We had one of those nice 10-man raids that feels a little like a vacation. My family group was all there and other folks were nice and useful and friendly and easy-going.

I've been in Ulduar twice now, on a 25-man for the first part (up to that crazy robot gnome, XT) and tonight on a 10-man for Ignis, Kologarn, Hodir, and Mimiron.

Tonight was really great. If I had a Peen, it would be so E- right now. (As it is, I think I deserve cookies and maybe nachos and definitely a kitty cuddle of triumph until he grunts and scratches me to get away.)

I placed on a dps meter for the first time in, like, ever. I got 4th on Ignis!!! This makes me super-happy in particular because my gear isn't uber-pro like people who raid more than me, so I must have done something right with my rotation. (I also got an off-hand that made me happy. Not my best upgrade, but still something I needed -- it lowered my hit so that I wasn't overcapped and increased my overall dps.)

After Ignis, I got a nice rundown of Hodir's strat, which is essentially "Don't stand in any blue consecrate until he does the REALLY BIG CONSECRATE WITH THE ROCKS and keep jumping." My brother said it was okay if I died but GASP! I lived! And got some accidental achievements off of it. I have no idea how but, um, yay!

Family group patted me on the virtual back after Hodir, and my brother started talking about how I did really well but no one ever survived their first Mimiron. And to let you know how pro I'm not, my strat prep for new bosses is to whisper my husband on the trash and go "What next?"

But family group patiently whispered me all along the trash to Mimiron and I repeated the boss steps a few times to make sure I had them. (Phase 1-Range. Phase 2-Move. Phase 3-Stand on group. Phase 4-All.)

My brother described the boss fight as very similar to the heroic achievements we've done. Complicated. Lots of things changing about, particularly your positioning.

I LIVED!!! Well, until the last few seconds. I got befuddled when they told me to go back to dps'ing the head in Phase 4 at the end of a "run behind his back or he'll pewpew you" and stayed close for a second too long and he smushed my face. (I'd stopped with the head because it was dying too fast and they told me to switch to torso.) I felt all glowy and happy that I lived 99% of the fight and everyone gave me even bigger back-pattings.

Still, I would have died sooner if everyone else hadn't been so pro. Family group guys said the offtank (called M5 because we have so many Matts we've just started numbering them) did a fantastic job with the bombs (I tilted my head, thought "What bombs?" and took their word for it), and one of the healers (a shaman) took over my dps target for the last percentage or two after I got smushed.

And, well, everyone did a great job.

Anyway. :D I'm very happy and wanted to share the warm fuzzy feeling. *tosses warm fuzzies around* Share! Share!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scaling Back, or "Advantages of the Casual Mindset"

Two weeks ago, I emailed my family with this note:
I was thinking we might, after we have all the heroic achievements and gear we want, start farming mounts. I know T___ is going for the 100 Mount Achievement and I'm not indifferent to a little collecting (I've given up on phoenix unless someone else wants to spearhead TK runs -- I'm just NOT pushy enough). And others in the guild would go with us to ZG and we could leave Ravenlord last so I could just switch to Plum.

So. Help T___ hit 100 mounts GO?
The next day, a few hours before our traditional Sunday family run, my sister-in-law emailed me a 6-man Kael'thas strat. According to my husband, everyone but me was in on the surprise.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

AFK: Facepalming, or "Can I Join YOUR Guild?"

Manasap: sitie hi
Manasap: can i join ur guild?
Sitie: No.
Manasap: why not?
Sitie: Because you're a 58 DK.
Manasap: whats rong with that?
Sitie: Means you need to delete your toon and go back to the server you came from.
Manasap: oh wow.... w/e

[Here I screenshot the above and tab out of my mage Klaudia to start a post about mean people who are rude to poor innocent morons who don't know any better. Then I tab back in and see...]

Manasap: hi klaudia

[This startles me into laughing and I give up the post about mean people being rude to poor innocent morons.]

Ember Wars, or "How to Win Over Jerkfaces"

So I'm on Birdfall and I've been trying to get the WG quests done once a week because there's a mount and I want the collection achievements on her and my husband wants me to buy a nice heirloom piece for my 23 warrior, yadda yadda.

Birdy sucks at PVP. I mean, I do all the right moves, but her gear makes her pop like a bubble.

I'm okay with this. After having to level a priest and druid through a PVP server and progress them through the hellish muck of endgame PVP in BC and Wrath... Yeah. I've learned how to stay calm when I spend more time in the graveyard than on the field.

After the WG, I decide to do the quest where you have to get 10 fire elemental embers. It's like 1 off the little ones, 2 off the big ones, 5 off opposing players. I have to deal with the little ones because we don't control the area, but that's okay.

I'm killing, killing, I see a horde shaman and (to let him know I'm friendly) help him kill his little mob and then run back to pick another one up for myself (at a safe distance). I kill two little mobs and pick up a third closer to the shaman, thinking he won't hurt me if he hasn't tried yet.


He jogs over, starts a spell, and I think "If you're about to do what I think you're doing--YOU JERK!"

I contemplate my situation at the graveyard and on the ride back.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Player Housing Roadblock, or "I Think This is the REAL Reason Blizz Hasn't Done It"


How do you make housing public while restraining it to a limited amount of space?

Blizz has often said that this is an MMO and they expect us to have to deal with other players -- that's why they won't implement a "hidden" status for when we want to log on unseen. So I can assume that being able to make a guild and burrow into a private instance with yourself and maybe 2 friends would conflict with their interest in keeping everyone visible.

On the other hand, there is no space in cities to make housing visible within the current world. Spicytuna recommended preparing portions of each city as an instance for city-based housing, but that still separates portions of guilds from each other unless a) different races can set up shop in different cities and b) everyone in a guild, given that option, is willing to settle on one city.

Let's look at it from a roleplay perspective:
  • You want your character to live wherever he or she roleplays as living.
  • You want your character to be able to visit friends in their homes.
  • You want your house to look cool.
  • You want your house to be functional.
  • You want awesome neighbors.
  • You want your neighbors to see (and thus envy) your stuff.
  • You want easy access to your guild hall.
  • You don't want to have to ride through a housing complex the length of Northrend to find your home.
  • You don't want to be isolated from WoW's bustling community.
  • You don't want to be isolated from your friends.
  • You want old and new guildmates to be able to live near you.
  • You want to be able to move if you have a falling out.
That's . . . quite a wishlist.

Having one instance per city would create a collection of ever-expanding towns that sprawl wider than the city itself. Having multiple public but limited instances would separate friends and guilds as they fill up. Having individual instances per player or guild would isolate groups from the city's social whirl and turn the major cities into ghost towns. (I haven't even included the special problems of balancing High vs Low Pop Servers.)

The paradox of player housing is that everyone wants their own space but Blizzard wants to keep us from isolating ourselves within that space. I'm sure they want to find a compromise, but I can't see anything that would be an "improvement" on previous housing systems and still fulfill our needs.

Real houses take up space. You have to find space to place them and put limits on the system to keep jerkfaces from putting their homes in the most inconvenient spots for everyone else.

If we can help Blizzard brainstorm how to solve this, we may actually see progress in the player housing front.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solanari, or "The First Dragonhawk I've Seen"

My getting these screenshots follows an epic and embarrassing tale of hiding my UI to catch her mounting, stealing her Bombadier kill by accident because my UI was hidden, thus annoying one of my Chillmaw group members.

I was already feeling pretty stupid after the comment discussion for my last post, and as this immediately followed that, I felt more or less like a Grade A /wrist moron.

Ah, the things I go through for screenshots.

Anyway. Solanari was nice in her emotes after I /sorry'd and I got those 3 okay screenshots (above) and then one armoryshot of her achievement.

*trumpets blare*

Solanari (Moon Guard) has the 100 Mount Achievement.

I don't know if anyone else has it, but I'm very interested in seeing associated collections.

Fuzzy Things, or "Race Theories & Discussion"

We still don't have the ability to pay to change our character race, but I think we're getting closer.

Argument: People would change their race to gain a gameplay edge.

Ignoring the fact that races are "supposed" to be balanced and how if everyone changes to X race, Blizz will nerf X's racial, I think this argument underestimates the amount of people who just want to look cool.

Whether you're in the "I want to be the ugliest $%#@er ever" or the "CUTE CHARACTER SQUEE!!!" camp, most players do care about what they look like.

The racial is, quite simply, the only thing that changes. If you have the same spells, the same class details, the same achievements and mounts and pets, then what's a racial to emo(te) over? You can get the same results by the much less satisfactory /reroll -- which Blizzard's changes (faster leveling through +xp, mounts, heirlooms, etc) imply that Blizz doesn't want people with high levels to have to slave over leveling extra characters, and a /reroll for a race seems like the most stupid waste of time anyone should ever have to endure.

Argument: People would change their race to the newest fad.

My sister-in-law changes her elf's hair constantly. Is this a bad thing? No. Is it confusing? Yes. Does it mean she'll change her race constantly if she has the option? No. She has a thing for elves.

It would be a greater setback to the game, specifically the sanctity of the Achievements system as a way to track a player's progress, to not let a player change his or her race on an existing character when new races are introduced in expansions. It might be just me, but I think the Burning Crusade expansion crushed some really great old characters just because people wanted to play the new races.

By allowing race changes, you allow people to try new things without having to reroll every time something new comes out. Race changes not only prevent the game's entire population from resetting their achievement scores on the reroll (I've heard lots of desire for goblins, so don't tell me it wouldn't happen) but also gives Blizzard the freedom to introduce new races regularly and even en masse without bumping everyone back to the starting zones (aside from wanting to see the starting zones).

Theory: The Wild and Crazy Masks

After the goblin and worgen masks were data-mined (worgen females look awesome, btw), mmo-champion's Boubouille said:
Even if the Goblin texture would make sense as an addition to the game, adding Worgens texture out of nowhere is definitely a sign that the 2 new races of the expansion will be the Worgens (most likely for the Alliance) and the Goblins. ... [I]t usually takes a lot to make me post something on the front page and I don't think I've ever been wrong everytime I did. Hopefully Blizzard will react fast enough and add tons of new masks in the next build just to pretend that it was intended. (Suggestion: Pandarens please).
Then, holy crap, they did.

Jump with me to this next thought because it's a bit of a leap. If Blizzard implemented race changes... what would stop them from implementing all of those races from the masks? Other than the obvious amount of work and needing starting zones and having to fix the lame-o skins (those naga = ew).

You'll notice that none of those races is in any way affiliated with Alliance or Horde at the moment. I liked this reply by Wertigo to Boubouille's original post:
One idea of the next expansion's "gimmick" (see: Dranaei, Blood Elves, Death Knight) might indeed be these two new races, but the gimmick being the ability to choose side, as both races are somewhat neutral in nature. For example, before you leave the starting zone of said races, you get the ability to choose either Horde or Alliance as your faction. You cannot leave the zone until you've decided, nor join any guild or be teleported out until you've chosen. Through a questchain for example.
Essentially, people have been asking for a while for races that can pick Alliance or Horde and therefore are available to both. While I'm not sure Blizzard will go for it, all of those masks are certainly neutral races and would fit into this diabolical plan. Bwahahahahaha...


I love the worgen. I realize many people want goblin, so I'm rooting for them too.

Race changes = good. Arguments against it have been thwarted by faction changes (essentially a limited race change), character re-creation (for mere aesthetic value and player comfort), and even achievements (what's the point of getting awesome achievements if you can't keep them?). If Blizz is willing to implement those things, there can be no real reason not to do same-faction race changes.

New skins for old races = good. Many players would love to see fresh new, improved faces and skins for our old beloved models. (Note I'm not asking for the defaults to be replaced, just for new ones to be made available for character creation and paid re-creation. Some people really love their old looks.) This might even keep players who would otherwise leave tried-and-true races for the fresh, sexy new worgen look.

New races = great. And when I say new races, I mean more than two. Two are good. Four are awesome. The number and spiffiness ratio increase exponentially from there.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teo Anecdote, or "My Guild Leader is Too Good at Everything"

He's the one who got the sea turtle first in our guild, and this is his ridiculous pet collection. He won our guildwide PVP tourney on a disc priest. He has perfect pitch. I want to babynap his daughter. He's tall, thin, and Asian. He takes beautiful photos of his wife and kids. When he grows facial hair, I almost wish I was male so I could copycat because it's that awesome. Oh, and he's a nice person and effective leader.

Hate him yet?

Today's Anecdote is from Teo, written by Teo, experienced by Teo:

"So, I was chowing down on some of my favorite chips ever: Trader Joe's Salt and Pepper chips, and trying to get my tournament dailies done at the same time (I know, lethal combination - you will never know true desperation until you have to decide between food and WoW).

I'm pretty sure that the people around me watching me probably were thinking "LAWL FAILRET FROM ALT VINO VERITAS THEIR TERRIBAD", and deservedly so - I, after all, value a clean keyboard over eDignity. You see, one clean pinky finger on an otherwise dirty set of hands can mean the difference between playing and not playing for a clean freak like me.

So anyway, I'm killing 15 scourge, 5 at a time, and those skeletons are pretty much laying the smack down on me as my pinky does its work, when...

Purelegacy (or was it Darklegacy, or Darkvasectomy or Purelobotomy?? I can't say for sure!), prot warrior class hero and night elf female extraordinaire, comes charging at me.

Seeing as how I'd just finished the daily, and how my hunger was firmly in control, for the first ten seconds, an overwhelming apathy kicks in. I actually go to get another chip, and I think even turn around to see what my wife's doing with my iPhone on the couch. Returning to my screen, I notice that I'm not dead. Naturally, I presume it's because this PROt warrior is waiting to spell reflect my clutch hammer of justice.

But upon closer inspection, I realize I'm not dead because this warrior isn't killing me. I started to panic: if I didn't die soon, all this time spent in glorious PvP would be wasted... my efforts to die quickly, rez quietly and fly away would come to naught. So I take matters into my own hands, or, rather, my own pinky.

I right click on her to auto-attack, then go for the oh-so-important Pinky Judgement. I follow up swiftly with Pinky Crusader Strike, then Divine Pinky Storm. The warrior is starting to feel the tide of battle turn. She runs away from me. Here I make a mistake only someone eating chips can make: I start to cast Holy Pinky Light rather than chase after her.

Her intercept promptly puts an end to my attempts to cheese our epic battle. Undeterred, I continue to use my Pinky DPS rotation. I'm about to move my mouse to click Divine Pinky Shield (simultaneously praying that this warrior had forgotten to train Shattering Throw) when I realize the warrior has succumbed to the pink.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I mouse-click my mount button and auto-run towards the daily quest giver. Licking the salt off my fingers, I cherished the taste of victory. Knowing who the true champion was though, I give my pinky a gentle kiss... then went to wash my hands."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Engineering Pets 2.0, or "Who Needs Inscription, Anyway?"

First Step -- Free up a profession slot.

Second Step -- Learn engineering.

Third Step -- Farm pets.
(Your engineering skill does not affect pet drops! I have 1 skill point and got both on my first run.)

  • Go to Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh. There's a shortcut from Booty Bay for horde.
  • Once entering the underground tunnels, at the end of the ramp when you have a choice, go west. You'll find the instance entrance.
  • If you have the Back Door Key, go north instead of west. In the Train Depot, enter the northern corridor and the back door is right there when you turn left. It will dump you into the southernmost part of the instance, and you can get to Thermaplugg by starting at the end of my second list of directions and going backward. Or just bear northwest. Whichever works.
  • First chamber is the Hall of Gears. Get down to the bottom (levitate or use ramps in southern offshoots).
  • Enter the western corridor. It'll go on for a while. You'll enter another circular room: Launch Bay. (Recommended: Kill boss on platform in center of room for Gnomer's back door key.)
  • Look for Peacekeeper Security Suits around the ring and down in the bottom. Kill and loot for Lil Smoky Schematic.
  • Jump down. Head south into another corridor. Kill Arcane Nullifiers as you go. They also drop Lil Smoky Schematic.
  • At the end, you'll see a door marked "Final Chamber." Open. Enter.
  • You'll see Mekgineer Thermaplugg behind a small crowd of mobs. Kill him. Hope he drops Bombling Schematic.
By this point, you ought to have both schematics. If you don't have Bombling, get out of the instance and reset it. You have to do Thermaplugg again (but this time you have the back door key).

If you don't have Lil Smoky:
  • Starting from Thermaplugg's room.
  • Go back down the main corridor you just came up. You'll see a small offshoot corridor on your right at the southeastern bend.
  • At the end is the Engineering Labs and an elevator. Take the elevator. (Note: If you keep going straight, you'll hit the back door.)
  • Instead of going straight at the top of the elevator, take one of the turns. Either will take you around the upper level to the boss: Crowd Pummeler 9-60. He has a chance to drop Lil Smoky Schematic.
Still no dice? Go out the back entrance, reset, and try again.

Fourth Step -- Level engineering to 205 to craft pets.
(If you collect mounts, consider leveling Eng to 375 for the BOP flying mounts while you have the profession. While expensive, the hardcore collectors should definitely consider it.)

I have an incomplete engineering guide, but you can google search for "engineering wow guide" and get some great ones.

1.0 was back when you couldn't get both pets and had to go through your engineering specialization.

Warcraft Mount Tracking, or "Mania Has Again Proven She's Queen of Awesome... itude... ness..."

WarcraftMounts, the classic mount search site, has implemented a section to list and track your mount collections!

WarcraftPets has long had such a system, but while I think Pets has a better collection layout (smaller icons, thus easier to peruse) and even a ranking system, the Mounts collections have something I've wanted on the Pets for a long time -- collections per character without having to create a second account.

Also, considering they just released this collection system on Monday, I'm sure we'll see plenty of upgrades eventually. This is the unveiling and there are sure to be improvements to be made. If you have any thoughts or find any bugs, please mention them to the site admins in a polite and respectful way. :)

I'm just tickled pink. XD As my mom would say.

I'm working on Birdfall and Dustfire, but I'll need to log in to see exactly what they have. Please link your collections in the comments when you get them done!! :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Impress Me, or "80s Make Girls Hot, Wut?"

[waiting for Naxx 25 to start]

Female Guildmate: Why am I getting random tells from a 24 hunter saying "hey babe"?

Male Guildmate 1: He likes you?

Thellys: Because you made the mistake of being female, and letting people KNOW you're female.

Female Guildmate: He's 24. He just asked if I want to date. Maybe I should take him up on it. Ooh, he has 6 level 80s. I'm sold!

Me: Oooh! Charming.

Male Guildmate 2: Thellys has 7.

Me: According to this logic, I need to leave Shenn for Thellys. Why do guys think lots of 80s impress women?

Thellys: Guys believe, stupidly, that the things that impress them would also impress girls.

Me: Oooooh!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pink Hippogryph Soon, or "They'd Never Make a Pink Mount Too Hard to Get... Right?"

The uber hardmode mounts are all hyper-masculine, so I'm hoping this will just be a new addition to the Argent Tournament mounts, or even a world event prize. Anyway, something I can solo on 6 characters no matter of level. That'd be perfect.

I'm on this like Tiger on catnip (so... I drool on things and then roll around in it).

Big thanks to Wowgirl for the heads up. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Whiny Fun, or "Have I Ever Featured a WoW Insider Comment Before?"

Original post by Scott Andrews starts, in summary, that the hardcores are accusing the new raid lockout feature as Blizzard pandering to casuals while casuals assume it's Blizzard pandering to hardcores.

Commenter Waco:

Another commenter chastised him for refusing to be serious, but really, how serious do you need to be about a situation that's so ironic? Both sides accusing each other of being Blizzard's favorite? Waco's joke is classic.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Babysitting, or "When Parents Start to Train Their Lil Hunters"

We've had a slew of new parents in our guild in the last two years. Most of us joined fresh out of college and now is the time for baby-making, apparently.

In a few more years, we'll expect some parents to start getting their children accounts and helping them with their In Vino Veritas applications.

I, of course, am all about legacy guildies. Woot. But I do wonder about the inherent problems of having parent-child teams in the guild.

My greatest fear is this -- a parent brings a child into the guild and then doesn't log on when the child is on. If the child misbehaves, it's like those who are on are the babysitters who have to tell the mom or dad and hope he or she takes appropriate action.

Some parents have said or implied that they're glad IVV exists for their kids to join so that they can be protected from all the mean people in the game.

But is it a guild's job to protect?

Is that even a good reason to accept someone into the guild? So they don't have to deal with meaner guilds? Will that give the entering child a sense that he or she is special and that we'll overlook bad behavior? (Not that I expect IVV kids to be bad, but you have to admit: children instinctively push boundaries.)

What happens if a child is uncheckable without a parent present and the guild has to make an unpleasant sacrifice -- appeal to the parent to form a holding guild to play with their kid until he or she is old enough to behave?

IVV does not have good policing techniques. We don't make good babysitters and we overlook crap for as long as humanly possible without making a peep. And I worry... what if things just go wrong? What if one child lashes out at another in childish anger and parents get mad at each other for not stopping it? What if an adult has to take a firm hand with a child who then runs to mom or dad crying? What if... a parent brings in a child too young to handle guild life and it hurts our relationships?

For the most part, I know that IVV is full of responsible people who will take care of their children if and when they misbehave. But there's always the parental instinct to protect. And there's always the feeling that in a family guild, you have to stick with family. Even if it means leaving to play with your child because they really are too young to handle a real guild.

So we might lose someone to unfortunate circumstances. All I can hope for is... well, the best. I'll hope for the best.

Misnomer, or "What's So Bad About Being 12?"

My guild has a few young boys, some of whom were twelve (or close to it) when I met them, and they're really nice people. Rambunctious with excessive amounts of time on their hands, yes. But still nice.

And I think it's a misnomer to call immature people 12-year-old boys like we do, because most of the really horrible people I've met (the ones who are mean for the sheer pleasure of being horrible) seem to be college-aged males.

That doesn't mean I haven't met 12-year-olds with psycho senses of entitlement. But it does mean that bad 12-year-olds are easy to spot, and most of the worst and most offensive players aren't kids. Bad kids tend to stick to "I deserve everything." Bad adults tend to revert that: "You deserve nothing."

So, yeah. If I'm stuck with a PuG, I'd rather have a selfish kid over a jerk adult any day. Like in the show Survivor -- a quantity you can predict is better to keep around than a quantity you can't. A kid who wants everything no matter what is better than a jerk who will sabotage himself just to sabatoge you.

What to Expect From a Kid Applicant

Kids have more time on their hands and will be bored (and thus harder to please) in a slow guild. If you have a guild that bustles, a good kid will improve your ability to provide groups for your most active players.

Good kids respond favorably to kindness. You don't have to be their mentor or BFF, just be (genuinely) happy to see them. I truly love seeing my guild kids because they're sweethearts, even though I don't run much (anything?) with them. Just treat them like people. Because they are.

If you can get a team of kids -- 5 to 7 -- with similar amounts of free time and interest in running things, they could very well become a self-sustaining entity within the guild as well as a great supplement to your slower players. They keep each other from getting bored and having to beg slower players to run something (or *shudder* pugging).

Weeding Out the Bad

Make sure everyone knows your rules going in and accepts them. Have a conversation spelling out anything you think might be a problem. (Guild bank rules are always helpful to detail, whether you're worried about ninjaing or not, as well as loot rules.)

Take a high-level kid along for a few raids (we've been leading 25-man pugs to Naxx every Sunday and got a few new members off of it). If the kid leaves the raid after getting loot or makes a fuss about not getting loot or insults the guild's proficiency, dump him.

Find out about his monetary situation and how he expects to improve it. Both our 12-year-olds who got kicked were weird about gold in particular. One planned to beg us for gold for his first mount (and told me so) and the other stole items from the guild bank to buy epic flying.

If he's leveling, find out how much help he expects. The first of our kicked kids expected something akin to an 80 escort whenever he wanted it.


At the end of the day, 12-year-olds get a bad rap. Sometimes they deserve it, sometimes they don't. It's true that their needs are different due to lifestyle differences, but other than that they are just like you and me. Just as reasonable, just as polite, just as generous.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

80 Birdfall, or "I Can't Believe I Ever Got Past Level 20"

After multiple server rerolls, horde taking priority, inconvenient interruptions, and a generous 2 years of playing Birdy off and on, I am pleased to announce that she hit 80 this morning while doing Argent Tournament quests. :)

I'm pleased, but I'm more pleased that my brother and sister-in-law are getting interested in their alliance alts again now that Night Elves have pink druid forms (she likes the pink, he likes his gruff, funny dwarf). My husband's druid is a nice 71 and I'm eager to help him with Dragonblight elite quests. In my spare time, I'll be grinding out a staggering 16-20k gold so I can help my family's low level alts get what and where they need.