Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pet Collection, or "Smelling It Up With Stinker"

I'm going to give you a quick guide on pet collection for the top Wrath achievement for pets, focusing on the easy pets.

You get the skunk pet Stinker for meeting the 50 pets achievement (changed from 75), and it's a good idea to start collecting now, before those rare and cross-faction pets really skyrocket in price. And if you're worried about your bag space, have a Pet-Holding alt to send the bind-on-use pets to until the new pets-as-spells feature is implemented. That's what I'm doing.

Quick Tips

Check news regularly to see if any new easy-to-snag pets have been added to the game. (Right now, there's a limited-time Spirit of Competition for winning battlegrounds.)

Keep track of your pet collection through WarcraftPets. This one's mine. (Note I excluded the cockroach. *shudder* I will never get that one, not even for a cute prize.)

More pets will come in Wrath, so don't worry if you don't have a lot of time for the hard-to-get ones. Just take advantage of the easy yearly events that include pet rewards, such as Children's Week.

Vendor Pets

Cross-faction pets can be found on the AH, particularly the neutral AH. You just have to wait for someone to post them.
Quest Pets
Unless I've missed something (tell me if I did) the rest of the pets are either drops, rep grinds, or part of a yearly event. Almost all yearly events now have a small pet available somewhere, so do a little digging when you see the pretty decorations. (I always list the small pets in my yearly event tutorials. ) Also, please note the rarest pet in the game that nobody ever notices. For God's sake, don't vendor the purple parrot. I'll hunt you down and throttle you if you do.

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