Friday, March 23, 2007

White Kitten, or "I'd Gut Timmy If I Thought I Could Get the One Following Him"

Little Timmy is a rare spawn in Stormwind (meaning he only appears every now and then). His parents are making him get rid of one of his two white kittens. The one he gets to keep is following him, and the one in his inventory is the one you can buy.

He only has the one white kitten for sale and then he's sold out. Many a person has gone up to Timmy thinking "WHITE KITTEN!" only to be disappointed because someone else has bought it. Like the guy I saw run up to Timmy after I'd just bought his kitten. I felt kind of bad . . . but not that bad.

You really just have to stumble across him, though I've heard that hunters can track the kitten following him.

White kittens go for 3-7 gold on the AH, depending on how many people want one and what they'll pay. I've heard tales of idiots who sold them for under a gold. Even a 3g white kitten is a bargain. 2g white kittens are outright theft.

Thesden has a white kitten. He felt bad because he didn't know it was a rare pet, or that it sold for so much, or he would have sold his. He just found Timmy accidentally, bought one, and used it. Soooo cute. ^_^ (I bought one on the AH for 3g and some silver, and stocked it away for later, when I decide what character I want to give it to.)


  1. Actually, Thesden's sweet wife bought him the white kitten. ;) I think they are adorable... but I've actually come to prefer the snowshoe rabbit... cute, fuzzy and inexpensive! YAY!

  2. =3 I have to say I've never played WoW, but your blog is fun to read.
    Anyway, it sounds like the kitten would be cute. I'll be on the look out for Lil Timmy when I get a Wii.(I can't play WoW on the computer but a friend of mine says it can also be played on the Wii)

  3. Well, they may sell for 3g to other Alliance, but they sell for 300-500g to Horde... So, if you really want to make some money off it, put it on the Booty Bay AH.


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