Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pup and Spider Pets, or "Crap, I'm Still Lost"

I was trying to lead a group to the pups and spiders in Lower Blackrock Spire and couldn't find directions (someone gave a link that was basically a 5-page text document with photos). A friend (who is insane and insists on doing every achievement and old world instance known to man) pointed out where to go.

(No, I'm not giving directions to Blackrock Mountain or Kibler, since they're the easy part of this. I figure if you're too lazy to look them up on Wowhead, you don't deserve the pets.)

Group of 1-5. Any class, well played, should be able to ninja through without trouble. Many suggest using invisibility potions if you don't have stealth or feign death. I'd personally just wait until 80 to solo it with the least amount of fuss. I had a group of 4 70's and we killed things like they were jokes. 80 should be laughably easy.

Getting into Lower Blackrock Spire:
  • Go up the path and into the mountain until you hit the main lava room.
  • Go right until you see the Meeting Stone.
  • Take a right into the entrance just behind the Meeting Stone.
  • Kill or ninja around the 54 normal mobs, keep going forward.
  • At the end, you'll come to a ramp on your right, go up and up. Keep going up.
  • Eventually you'll hit a room with two exits, one left and one right. There might be a rare mob Scarshield Quartermaster in front of the left one. Take the right and go up a ramp.
  • Go right again, avoiding mobs in the hall, and look to your right when you enter the room at the end. That's the instance you want.
Getting to the quest mobs:
  • Go up the ramp. There's a set of staircases on either side of the room that lead to the same bridge. Go up one of them and go through the righthand doorway. You'll hit a dead end. Jump down to the left.
  • Ahead of you are 6 mobs on a lower level. Keep to the left and go around the corner. The twisting hall here is free of mobs.
  • Ahead are 5 more mobs and some flags, seen through a small doorway. Head out and keep to your left.
  • Bear down the slope on their left -- there should be a huge overhang above you on the left and 4 mobs around a brazier on your right.
  • Keep left, avoiding the mobs on your right. You should see a bridge ahead, covered with mobs. DO NOT CROSS IT.
  • At the bottom of the ramp, head straight right. Looking down, you should see two round red tents immediately below you, one larger (on the right) and one smaller (on the left). You should not need to fight anything to get to this spot if you're careful.
  • Jump down between the tents. There are mobs beneath them, so try to land as far out as possible.
  • Head west (right, if you're facing the wall you jumped toward). You should see lava on your right and a long corridor of red tents around the corner.
  • Make a winding path south through the tents and Firebrand mobs. There's a patrol to watch out for, but at 70 we were able to ninja through.
  • At the end, you look up a long blue-lighted ramp and see spiders at the end.
  • The spider room is simple. Fight through the mobs, picking up eggs as you go. Eggs respawn and give you 2-3 per loot, so there are enough for everyone.
  • Go out of the spider room and forward. You will see ogres ahead. Hug the left and sneak around the corner. Follow the ramp up (it doubles back above the lower path) and go straight toward the square lit doorway at the end, staying to your left to avoid the rooms full of Spire Scorpids.
  • In the corridor you've entered, which bends like a long lowercase "n" at the bottom of your minimap, go west until you see the big wolf Halycon. 4 worg pups are at her feet. Aggro the pups and capture them in the provided cage.
You win. Now you can hearth because I really can't explain how to get out!

This has been a supplement to Pet Collection.


  1. I managed to complete these two quests (although I didn't do the rest of the dungeon) by myself, as a green-equipped, very badly-played level 70 hunter with a pet gorilla. And I only died three times!

    I mention this only as a data point for players who may want to try soloing it before 80. I'm somewhat proud of myself, but then as I said I'm a very bad player. :>

  2. Grats! I shall back up your statement: I did read that rogues, druids, and even hunters can solo it. Even a priest did it with invisibility potions. I think pretty much any class can at 70 if they take the right precautions and have patience.

    In fact, there were so many classes on Wowhead saying how they were able to solo these, it was actually annoying. Since I was about to go in with a group, I needed short, clear directions instead of blocks of text on "This is how I did it" or "Rogues are so OP!"

    ^_^; I'm hoping my abbreviated directions on Wowhead get bumped above the guy with the link I didn't have time to read. Is that mean? >_>

  3. Will be trying (or dying?) on my paladin soon; probably pre-70, so we'll see how feasible it is. :)

    BRS is probably one of the most confusing places in the game, but I've done it before, so *I think* I remember the way back in...

    If not, I have this post!

  4. Why hello thar!

    I actually stumbled onto your blog via Wowhead while I was doing a write up on pets for my blog. Your directions for getting to the pups and spiders are pretty stellar, and rather than rewrite them myself, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me posting your directions with a direct link back to your site on my blog (for the pet guide).

    Again, great post!

    Unbearably HoT

  5. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me posting your directions with a direct link back to your site on my blog (for the pet guide)

    You may. :)

  6. Yay, thanks for the great advice! My friend and I are both level 66, geared in Outland greens, and we managed great. He's a prot pally, I am a shadowpriest. :)

    The pups are such sweet little pets! Did you happen to notice that when summoned, it changes colors? Sometimes mine is the greyish color, sometimes it is jet black. Seems random, but I haven't had mine long enough to know for sure.

  7. Nice work on the walkthrough! Got through as a level 70 hunter with a 65 pet. Had to sacrifice my pet a few times and feign, but it went pretty smoothly. :)


  8. Did it a couple days ago. As far as I can tell, you only need to fight one group of the humanoids just before the spiders. Depending on your luck, you could avoid attacking any spiders to get the spider pet quest done, but to get to the worg pups, you will have to kill at least a couple groups of spiders. Mileage varies depending on class and gear, of course.

    After you've passed the spiders, you can snake past the ogres, and get to the worgs without issue, and tame one at the doorway without aggroing anything else.

    Hardest part of the whole exercise is getting out of the instance. :)

  9. 70 Hunter - Solo - No deaths - 3 pet suicides while I feigned

    Thank you

  10. I don't know why you seem to think only druids and rogues can solo this, I just did it fine on my paladin (and no, I didn't bubble once), eventualy I suicided as I thought it was the fastest way out since I couldn't backtrack xD

    Thanks for the great guide :)

  11. I don't know why you seem to think only druids and rogues can solo this

    I edited yesterday, before your post: "Any class, well played, should be able to ninja through without trouble." Because any 70 can if they know how to play their class, though precautions like invisibility pots are always a nice idea for emergencies.

    But it's not even going to matter in a few weeks.

    paladin (and no, I didn't bubble once)

    I think "Teo" also did it on his paladin. Didn't specify that it was a pally in his second post, but said he'd be trying it on a pally pre-70.

    But, hey, Paladins getting through with no stealth and no bubbling means good things for the rest of us. My husband's best friend is a pally (and complains all the time), so I can imagine how well you must have played to do that.

    *tosses confetti, then looks around in dismay because now she has to vacuum*

  12. Oh, this was so helpful! Thanks a ton!!

  13. First off, AWESOME directions! Thank you sooo much! I solo'd as a freshly turned 70 shadow priest... mostly green gear... I did great up until the spider room.... It would probably be easier for someone who doesn't use up so much mana killing stuff... Or with more armor, but I just couldn't take them. I died a few times, and then gave up right at the end of the spider room.... So for any priests out there, you may have a hard time doing this... I got the spider pet though, so thank you so much! My bf is leveling a pally, and once he hits 70 I'll probably make him come in with me.. Hehe I'm sure it will go a lot better. Anyways, thanks again for those awesome directions! <3

  14. Mandy --

    Fascinating. Shadow in greens. Being shadow in purples myself, I find this highly pertinent. *nod nod*

    Come back and tell me when you get your pup! I wanna hear.

  15. Great guide. I had a 80 holy priest run me through with no problems. Got both pets and love them. Thanks so much. :)

  16. Great guide! followed it to a T! Instead of worrying about how to get out, just jump into the lava and die, rez at the spirit healer.

    If you turn the opposite direction from where you found Halycon, go up the ramp and kill Wyrmthalak for the achievement whil you're there!

  17. Thank you, I've been pet hunting for the past few days, and you helped me get past two more :)

  18. AH! Thank you so much. I would have wandered around for hours if not for this walk through. Easily solo'd as an 80 mage. Currently enjoying the spider pet and worg pet. ;)

  19. Thanks so much - easily soloed as a Holy Priest with your instructions.

  20. Thanks for the great info. 72 hunter, had no problem.

  21. Awesome guide, thank you so much! Perfectly written, too. The only part where I got confused was the u-turn I needed to make to get to the worg pups. Just a few more pets away from my skunk now.

  22. Great guide, thanks a ton! My husband and I did it with our 80s, so it was totally easy. But I never would have found the entrance or anything without your assistance!

  23. thank you thank you thank you!
    i'm now the proud owner of a spidy and a worgy!! thanks!!

  24. thank you so much for this guide. I always had a hard time finding my way to the entrance and inside this instance.

  25. Thanks much! This guide was just what I needed and I got my pets easy peasy. I soloed it at 80 (DK) but I'd never been to BRS before so this helped a lot.


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