Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pimp My Main, or "I Don't Read Theory and You Do"

My guild has a little forum thread called Pimp My Main. It's for people like me who could rattle off the names of 20 cosmetic items and how to most effectively grind for them, but who start getting vertigo when trying to figure out what spec to use, what gear to shoot for, and what move rotation is most effective.

We aren't number crunchers. I'm lucky because my husband loves reading theory and strategy and digging into the dark messy recesses of other classes, but not everyone has a brilliant snuggle-bear like I do. And not everyone has a theory crafter in their guild, much less their house.

So I was thinking. Why doesn't someone have a blog team or something for "pimping" characters of any level, a few a week? Not just for spec and gear but for things like roleplaying too -- I'd love someone to help me pimp Birdfall's backstory, give it detail and texture I don't have the knowledge to fill in.

Anyway, it's a thought.

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