Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WotLK Beta Stuff, or "What's With All the Death Knights?"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

World of Warcraft, the base game, came out and allowed players to level to 60 with a handful of horde and alliance races.

Burning Crusade expansion came out and added 10 levels (level 70), flying mounts, a profession (Jewelcrafting), and 2 races to the game (blood elf and draenei).

Wrath of the Lich King expansion is coming out Oct-Dec 2008, and will give us another 10 levels (level 80), a class (Death Knight), and a profession (Inscription).


As you'll see on all the reputable Warcraft news sites, the "Wrath of the Lich King" beta testing has been open and covered for a while. For those of you with no clue, beta means that we get a preview of everything that will be available when the expansion comes out.

I've been waiting restlessly for Blizzard to implement a few special things in beta, and not just because I want to find out how many herbs I need to stock for speed-leveling Inscription.

So here's my list of...

The Things I Think Are More Important, Awesome, and SUPERCUTE Than Death Knights

New Hair Options. Go to a barbershop in Undercity/Dalaran/Stormwind, and change your hair color or style to one of the new styles available!! Change anything about your character but skin color and face (my poor sister-in-law... all she hates about her mage is the face).

New Dances. Learn them in a dance studio. No longer are you stuck with your race and gender defining your personal groove. This is FANTASTIC for role players, whose gameplay relies heavily on customizing their character.

Acheivements Have "Cosmetic" Awards. This means cute pets, people. Maybe even (gasp!) dresses. I KNOW I'll be doing one heck of a lot of useless things to get the cuteness I crave. (And telling you aaaall about it, of course.)

New Mounts and Pets. Naturally, a big fat expansion will bring brand new snugglies to the table. I can't wait to start working for them! (Keep track of new pets here and mounts here.)

Polymorph Penguin. Inscription now allows you to tinker with polymorph spells. Instead of a sheep, a baby penguin! (Will look for confirmation that it works on pig and turtle as well.)

Glyph of the White Bear. Changes your druid's bear forms into polar bears! I'm dying to see if they'll add a version for lions, which I think are the ugliest things on the planet for horde and are the main reason I didn't want to play a horde druid at first.

Those last two are the reason I fully believe Inscription is the perfect profession for me. Sweet, sweet making cosmetic changes.

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