Saturday, August 2, 2008

70 Budget, or "Where The Gold Goes"

One thing you realize when you hit the level cap is that there are a lot of nice things to buy. You're like a kid in a candy store.

Then you notice the price tags.

"Ooook. I need gold. A LOT of gold."


Dustfire's Budget

Current Balance

"To Buy" List
  • 1,000g Flying Skill Dustfire (acheived)
  • 5,000g Epic Flying Skill Dustfire (acheived)
  • 5,000g Epic Flying Skill Druid Alt (pending)
  • 1,200g "Gigantique" 22-Slot Bag (pending)
  • 8,000g WotLK Teleport Ring (pending)
  • 1,000g Shattered Sun Title (pending)
  • More Definitely to Be Added for "Wrath of the Lich King"
Total Pending Cost: 15,200g

Expenses List
  • Repairs (12-40g /week; cloth is much cheaper to repair than leather, mail, and plate)
  • Respecs (I don't respec; commonly 100-300g /week)
  • Rep Items on AH (?)
  • Enchant Mats for Raiding (0-300g /month)
  • Gemming for Raiding (0-100g /month)
  • Enchanting Mats for PVP (stopped doing pvp on Dusty, will pick it up with druid)
  • Gemming for PVP (stopped doing pvp on Dusty, will pick it up with druid)
  • Raid Consumables (10-25g /week; hardcore raiders will spend a lot more per raid)
  • Wrath: Training Skills
Approximate Income
  • 0-100g /week from tailoring
  • 10-500g /week from dailies (I have a lot of free time)
  • 25g /week from mining

I would like to save a few thousand gold over my current needs (7,200g more to just meet the items on my wishlist). If I work very very hard between now and December, I should be able to manage it.

This has been an overview of the finances of a level 70 who raids once a week, instances once a week, and can make her own job hours. There are MANY 70s who raid multiple times a week and spend most of their days at work/school and then have family obligations when they get home. These people are unable to grind gold every day and must scrimp and save every copper to be able to afford raiding at a high level.

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  1. Gold goes so fast that I just give up and accept having less than 10g.
    samownall - World of Warcraft Blog


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