Friday, August 1, 2008

Level 70 Money, or "No, You Don't Get A Cut"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

Warcraft has a monetary system. You can make money by killing things, questing, selling things, or doing daily quests -- the same set of quests available once a day that reward extra money. You can then buy in-game items with this money or pay another player for professional crafting services.

Copper - Like pennies.

Silver - Like larger change. 100 copper.

Gold - Like paper money, the largest currency. 100 silver.


I got to know a beggar fairly well. He's the little brother of a friend's friend, and I was nice to him a few times, so I got asked for things.

I don't think this phenomenon happens too often, but there are a few ideas I'd like to address.
  • It is never a 70's job to do things for lower levels. When a 70 does something for a lower level, it is a favor. I don't even ask my husband to help my 46 druid, and if you have the right to ask anyone to help your alt, it's your own spouse.
  • Yes, 70s can make 100g a day. Note "can." Many 70s do not have time to do dailies regularly.
  • No, being able to make 100g a day doesn't mean we're all sitting around with lots of gold or, if we are, that we should give ANY of it to people who ask. Dailies are *gasp* time consuming and we do them when we need to pay for something -- because believe it or not, things at 70 are massively expensive.
  • We do give loans to people we trust. But "40g plz" by Org bank does not inspire trust. Being in the same guild for a year or more, seeing how the other person makes and spends gold, etc, does.
From my association with the friend of a friend's brother, I think that beggars don't see other players as people but as game mechanics set to serve them. Until they break of this delusion, they'll continue to treat other players like things to be used but not befriended. They see 70s as resources that are done with the level grind and have nothing else to do and nothing else to spend their money on. They are often either ignorant of endgame or dismissive of it.

How to Ask for Gold
  • Never ask someone you don't know well.
  • Always give a valid reason.
  • Always offer to pay the person back.
I hope to do another post with example level 70 budgets: what it takes to get the money and what we're using it on.


  1. I actually had someone follow my lvl35 druid through Stormwind and ask "gold plz". WTF? No. I guess you have millions of people playing the game, some are going to be leeches.

    My guildmates? Heck yeah. I'm only in relatively small guilds with people I know IRL. I'll flat out give them gold if they need it and I have it. Caveat: my kids need to give me a reason other than "for some sweet twink gear". But it's my job to be mean to them, you know? Teach 'em the value of earning stuff the hard way, right?

    Non-guildies, though? I've just ignored them, but there's got to be a better response. Maybe you're right that they're seeing other players as nothing more than game constructs. In which case, my silence didn't do anything to correct the misperception. So how do we go about enlightening someone who's too stupid to realize there's a human presence behind the toon?

  2. how do we go about enlightening someone who's too stupid to realize there's a human presence behind the toon?

    You'd win a Nobel Prize if you figured that out. It's like the Debt Workshop my church ran to help people get their finances in shape. The people who showed up were the ones who already had their finances in shape. If someone isn't willing to learn, it won't matter if we try to educate them.

    And note that while for some it's ignorance, others just don't care -- they believe their gaming experience is more important than anyone else's and act accordingly. "I don't know how to grind the gold, a 70 could pay my mount bills in a day with dailies, so they ought to." It's purely selfish thinking.

  3. I wish I could pay my "mount bill" with a single day of work. :(

    I can't stand beggars. I've never begged, but I HAVE sought loans from friends twice. Both were for flying epic mounts... I had earned the 5000+ gold necessary to train the skill, but would have no gold left for repairs, gems, enchants, etc. I took a 200-500g loan for my day-to-day costs with a promise to repay after a week or two of dailies.

    Best thing I ever saw was someone quoting Monty Python to a beggar.

    Beggar: 5g PLZ!!11
    Man: I will give you 5 gold if...
    Beggar: IF?!!!!11
    Man: bring me a SHRUBBERY!
    Beggar: WAT?!!1


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