Monday, August 25, 2008

Moon Guard Wiki, or "I Can Haz Character Post!"

The Moon Guard wiki is a place to post things related to role playing and is kind of insanely awesome. I posted about the Birdfall sisters and am very happy with how the pages came out. I especially love my photo of Birdfall holding a flask and looking all dramatic (I posted it here too).

Anyway, I really like the community feel of the place, and I think I'll want to read some of the posted stories and everything and maybe try my hand at one or two. I don't think I can include Dustfire stuff because she's not on the Moon Guard server, but I also prefer a less dramatic character for RP.

I tried to make Birdfall as ordinary as possible in a fantasy war-torn world. I also posted a sentence for her sister, Latoria (my sister-in-law). :) Yayzors!

Anyway, I wanted to jot down Birdfall's outfit and remind you that yes, it's kind of awesome to dig around for hand-held props for your characters.
If you're horde, there are quests to get the same model of that offhand, but Alliance just has an alliance-only quest in Darkshore with a reward item that is a different model but is also obviously a mana potion: Tear of Grief. It's what I'm using for now.

I'm a big fan of the swashbuckler's shirts for RP, but what I really want is a nice Flawless Diamond Solitaire for my engaged character, Windwhistler. Her fella is a jewelcrafter, so you might think she'd get The Rock, but she's not an extravagant girl and I don't think he'd want to weigh her down that much. >_> Anyway. You shush, this is perfectly reasonable stuff to spend my time worrying about.

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  1. I found a much easier version of the boots -- they are the default on some level 1s. Human warrior, for instance. Simple, cheap, brilliant.


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