Monday, March 10, 2008

Hyacinth Macaw, or "Rarest Pet"

Among pet collectors, Hyacinth Macaw (with a 1 in 5,000 drop rate) may be the Holy Grail, but to normal players who don't know the first thing about small pets, it's just another parrot. Therefore, you can sometimes find it for under 5g on the Auction House.

It is very pretty, however, so more worth the effort if you prefer looks to status.

Go to Stranglethorn Vale and kill Bloodsails. For hours. Or maybe days. Keep checking the neutral AH, also.


  1. I still don't have mine... On Warsong server, Horde side, price is about 250g... /cry

  2. Spotted on the Alliance [Moon Guard] Auction House for 10,000g buyout. Haven't seen it since, so I'm assuming it got bought.


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