Monday, August 25, 2008

Duels on Normal, or "You Can Refuse to Get Ganked"

I was in Un'goro today on my alliance mage, just hanging out, taking some lava readings for a guy, and gathering some soil for the ultra-rare herb Morrowgrain, when a ?? orc warrior rides up and grabs a thorium vein.

He was yellow, meaning I could attack him but he couldn't attack me. As I was 56 (thus can see horde levels up to 65) and he had arena Season 2 shoulders, I knew he was 70.

Then something odd happened.

He tried to duel me.

Coming from a PVP server as I do, where people can just go ahead and kill you, I didn't know horde and alliance could duel. But since I do know that duels mark you for PVP, I sighed at him and declined.

I'd rather avoid the corpse run, guy. Thanks for trying to gank me anyway.

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