Friday, August 8, 2008

WSG at 49, or "Who Let These Guys Off the Short Bus?"

I enter on my druid and start to buff. Now, my friend was supposed to come in with me but we had some crossed wires (did you know you can't group queue someone for the type of battleground they're in?). And it's a pain to pug WSG at any level. So I'm putting thorns on folks wondering why my friend didn't join me and this guy says: "Anyone an enchanter that can do Fiery?"

Ignoring the fact that Fiery is the hot but dimwitted sister of twink enchants, it's impossible to trade the materials to an enchanter even if one is present. He or she would have to be in the battleground by chance with the materials for Fiery and be willing to do the enchant without payment for his or her mats (since you can't trade anything but conjured items in a bg).

Then the game started and I said I was going to be on D (defense). I got this in reply: "I guess having 3 druids on offense would be too easy."

I said, "I think the 49s will have a better chance at running the flag." Since I'm 47. Also note that stealthers are extremely beneficial in protecting the flag room, and I've taken this into account from my many games on Dustfire.

So, after encountering both incompetence and insults at the very beginning, I focus on getting our flag back but discover that my team has chosen to stay in our base and mid-field instead of making any real effort on returning a flag with 5 people hanging around it (which I noticed before the humans Perceived me and I died).

So I told them where the flag was and said "Bye." Then I left.

Anyway, that was all in pursuit of the fun prizes we get while the Olympic games are happening (so, for about the next 3 weeks). If you win any battleground, you get a tabard and a really good chance at a Chinese dragon pet. Dusty got them first try. (I love AV as horde.)


  1. Oh I love your blog, I have just started playing about 3 months ago. I have a 33 night elve druid on Zuluhed. So I will be watching to see if it is you that my guild is killing. Just kidding. Can't wait to read your next one.

  2. ^_^; I hope I don't kill you. I'm sorry if I ever do. I try not to mess with lower levels, or even people who look willing to leave me alone, but... Well, sorry in advance.

  3. =) Thanks and I will keep that in mind next time a blood elve is hitting me!!


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