Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prairie Chicken, or "You're Pulling My Leg, Aren't You?"

Non-Gamers' Guide to This Post

Pets: You can get small, useless pets that look cute and follow you around in Warcraft. You get them a variety of ways, through quests or vendors or rare drops from monsters.

These little pets have nothing to do with the kind of fighting pets you can get as a hunter. These are just decoration.


I got a chicken. Not so much because I wanted it as I wanted to see if the quest to get it was real. Because here's the thing: You have to cluck at a random chicken (/chicken at any random chicken in Westfall or Elwynn) many times in a row to get the quest.

Yes, you heard me. You have to find a chicken and make a fool of yourself at it to get the quest. The end prize is your very own chicken, and you're only out a little dignity and 25 copper at the end of the quest.

Here are screenshots. This way you know I'm not making it up.

Tip: The guide I randomly came across said you have to cluck around 60 times, but he was lagging badly. I clucked around 15-25 times and it worked. So try to do it at a low-lag time.

Tip: Make a /chicken macro. Go into your options menu, click "Macros" and make a "New" one. Then type /chicken into the big blank box and save it. Drag it onto your task bar and click away. Saves you a lot of typing, and you can delete it afterward.


  1. It worked!! (Sorta)

    I clucked and clucked and finally got a message to click on the chicken (which I did). I went and bought chicken feed, cheered at my chicken (per the instructions) and then right clicked him again....... only to see my lvl 12 rogue slash out with his dagger and KILL MY CHICKEN!! *weeps*

    I tried it again later and DIDN'T right click and ended up with my very own chicken egg.

  2. I should also mention that you can go to ANY chicken for the completion of the quest. So you don't have to re-/chicken it, just /cheer at a different chicken if yours dies.

    I know this because a guy killed the chicken I was /cheering at, and I was like "I needed him for a quest. *sigh*" and he was like "Oh, sorry." But I found another one and /cheered at it and it worked. So.

  3. HORDE

    WarcraftPets has a tutorial for the horde, which is basically get an Alliance player to do the quest and then snatch the egg when it spawns.

  4. Or, alternatively, a Hordling could *not* be a dick.

    'Course, then it means we either make an Alliance alt (a huge hit to our pride), or find a friend who plays Alliance (which would be hard, as friends don't let friends play Alliance) to help up.

    *shrugs* What's a Hordling to do?

  5. hordlings can do this quest now. they just need to buy the feed from william sadean in brill. :)


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