Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lunar Festival 2010, or "Yes, I'm Posting on Valentines Day"

Ahhh, holidays. ^_^ Full of eggs and toast and tea and Disney movies. The only thing that could make it more romantic? Office supplies.

But now we have Lunar Festival, and there's not much new from last year (or 2008 or 2007), though again I implore you to take a minute today or tomorrow to get Omen done. Just head to Moonglade, find his corpse (or a raid killing him), stand in the light shining on corpse, and you will get the quest complete whether you killed him or not.

If you wait too long in the week, you won't find anyone killing him.

Next, you need to focus on getting all the elders. Some will be difficult or impossible if you're low level. This is mainly a time sink with all the traveling. Picking up a mage traveling buddy could help a great deal.

Your best list of elders is on Wowwiki.


If you did dungeon elders last year without completing them, they were reset this year. (Thanks for the heads up, Kring.) This is a guide for how to reach your elders after getting inside the low level dungeons.

Zul'Farrak (Tanaris) -- Go straight until you have to turn left or right. Turn left and keep bearing west until you hit a rectangular pool of water. The elder is on your right.

Sunken Temple (Swamp of Sorrows) -- Outside, go down in the temple and swim straight through the broken hall. At your first left vs right, turn east. At your second, go south to the "Den of the Caller." Make a U-turn to hit the door just below the one you came out of, which will lead to the "Hall of Ritual." You have 0 turns until the "Hall of Bones." Turn right and descend the stairs to the second level, then turn left and go around the ledge until you hit the opposite archway. Go through it and you'll see the instance portal.

Inside, turn left (east) and go up the spiral stairs. No turns, but a bunch of dragonkin at the top, and you'll empty out in the "Pit of Sacrifice." Stay left (east) in the large circular room, and you'll see the elder in the first little offshoot.

Maraudon (Desolace) -- Outside, once you're in front of the stone door of Maraudon, go in to the stone bridge. Hop off to the south and descend. There really aren't any turns until you get to a room with orange and purple crystals on either side and a door in front of you. Ignore the crystals and go through the door. Descend until you reach the room with the portal to Inner Maraudon. Use it. (You do not need any item to use the portal, though you used to need a scepter.)

You pop up at Earth Song Falls with a pool in front and waterfalls at your back. If you turn to face the waterfalls, you'll see a cave with large yellow flowers and blue hydra. Enter it and head for the two big yellow flowers straight ahead of you. There's a hard-to-see door between them. Enter it.

The path has no turns until you get to choose between a room on your right and a ramp on your left. Keep going up the ramp to a rock bridge. There should be a giant flower, 1 rock giant, and lizards ahead of you, and a tree on a platform above and behind. Head into the flower and lizards room, as they hide another corridor that leads to "Zaetar's Grave" with waterfalls and more rock giants. Jump into the water below. You'll see the enormous crocodile Rotgrip swimming around you. *shudder* Ignore him and turn east -- there's a slender corridor that leads into another cave. Go up the ramp and the elder is right in front of you -- you should be able to see him.

Blackrock Depths (Searing Gorge / Burning Steppes) -- Outside, in the mountain. Find a chain that leads to the center and run down (or up) it. Enter the doorways to Forgewright's Tomb and keep moving downward. It'll dump you back out in The Molten Span, where you follow the spiral path around the center to another chain that you can run across. Enter the rightmost doorway to enter The Grinding Quarry. Your minimap is useful here, use it -- move west, then north through The Masonary. The instance portal is at the very end on your right.

Inside, go northeast into the Detention Block. There are many paths leading out of this hub, so pick the northeastern-most one (north of both the cage nooks on your right) which will say "Halls of the Law" almost as soon as you start down it. Immediately to your left, you'll see a little nook with an open gate and the elder beyond it. Enter the Ring of Law, get your elder, deal with the boss that shows up, and/or hearth while he talks.

Blackrock Spire (Searing Gorge / Burning Steppes) -- Outside, in the mountain. Circle the outermost ring to the easternmost point. You'll see the Blackrock Spire summoning stone. Enter the archway and continue up until you can turn left toward a rare spawn or right. Go right (west) and right again. Once you run into a wall, the portal is on your right.

Inside, go straight to the stone bridge with all the stairs and get on it. Turn right (still on the bridge) and head to the broken platform where you can jump down. Jump. Head straight and turn left into the archway. You'll empty onto a large area with more groups gathered around. In the distance, straight ahead, is a rope-and-plank bridge. Head toward it, cross it, and you'll see the elder. Loop around to reach him.

Stratholme (Eastern Plaguelands) -- Enter the front door and follow the street signs north to "Festival Lane." Once you hit it, you'll see the Elder. While in Stratholme, consider looking for this guy who drops a cool force-everyone-to-dance item, and perhaps kill the Baron for a chance at his mount.

Utgarde Keep (Normal or Heroic) - Past Prince Keleseth's room, to the left after the first set of stairs.

The Nexus (Normal or Heroic) - Ormorok the Tree-Shaper's ramp, on the right.

Azjol-Nerub (Normal or Heroic) - Jump down the hole after Hadronox.

Drak'Tharon Keep (Normal or Heroic) - To the left in King Dred's pen.

Gundrak (Normal or Heroic) - Behind Drakkari Colossus.

Halls of Stone (Normal or Heroic) - On the way to Krystallus, the offshoot with all the little red crystal mobs.

Utgarde Pinnacle (Normal or Heroic) - Under the stairs after Skadi.


  1. I had most dungeons done on my druid but not all because I wasn't 80 last year and therefore couldn't enter heroic Gun'Drak. (They moved the NPC, doesn't have to be heroic this year)

    So, yeah, all non-completed lunar achievements were completely wiped out. I had to do all dungeons again.

    If you do it this year. Complete an achievement or don't bother doing. You will not be able to continue it next year, you'll have to start again.

  2. I noticed that my dungeons were wiped out as well, but I thought maybe I'd done them on a different character.

    Also, the Wintergrasp elder can be reached if the fortress door is broken, even if you don't own the fortress after battle. (Zuluhed horde always owns WG, which is good for my horde but sad for Birdfall's holiday fun.)


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