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Lunar Festival, or "Finding Your Sugar Daddy"

Lunar Festival is an event, as defined in the Valentines post. It celebrates the lunar new year.

The fun part is that they have a lot of neat clothes, like pink dresses and black pantsuits. You need 5 coins per outfit, and you can get all of the clothing colors if you have enough coins. For example, I had my priest get both the pink and purple dresses, and together they were 10 coins.

Where do you get the coins? From daddy, of course. Daddy being over 70 "elders" spread across the world. Each elder gives you one coin, making me think of teenage girls asking dad for money to go shopping.

It is definitely beneficial to have traveled a good deal prior to this, otherwise you'll be walking everywhere.

Yes, you can get coins from elders without doing anything else Lunar Festival-ish. When you get the coins, take them to a giant moon portal thing (I've seen one in Darnassus and one in Stormwind) and do the very easy quest (shooting off fireworks) to get the invitation to Moonglade. Then click it while standing in the giant moonbeam and run north-ish to town. The guy you want is in the northeast corner of town, on the docks. I included a picture of him.

Men and women can wear both types of clothing, but they are soulbound, so you can't pick some up for a friend.

Tip: Ctrl-Click on the outfits to preview how they'd look on your character.

Guy With the Outfits

The Outfits


List of My Favorite Elders

A list of the alliance elders I found it easiest to get to. They're in low-ish level areas -- I ran my level 27 through for 10 coins without once being bothered, and Birdfall at lvl 18 got 5 coins with no problem at all. Here's a map site to help you with horde/alliance territories and travel paths. Here's a comprehensive list of elders.

How to get easy flight paths to major cities: High-level mages can teleport anyone to any major city. Consider asking someone you know (or paying someone you don't) to help you get all of the flight paths. It's a little too much to ask a stranger to do for free.

Stormwind Area
  • Stormwind - Park
  • Goldshire (Elwynn Forest) - Behind blacksmith.
  • Sentinel Hill (Westfall) - Atop Sentinel Hill tower.
There is a very easy way to get from Stormwind to Ironforge. In the Dwarven District of Stormwind, there's a tram that will take you straight to Ironforge. Just ask a guard where it is -- there ought to be a swirly portal like you go through to an instance.

Ironforge Area
  • Ironforge - Mystic Ward
  • Kharanos (Dun Morogh) - By the inn.
  • Thelsamar (Loch Modan) - This is a long run, but there's a flight path at the end.
Unless you already have the flight path to Booty Bay, I recommend running up to Menethil Harbor when you're done in Kharanos. It means bypassing Thelsamar, unless you want to make the long detour for that, but Menethil Harbor is one of two towns with boats to the other continent. The other is Booty Bay, which is situated on the very bottom tip of the Eastern Kingdoms continent. Make sure and get the flight path at Menethil Harbor, and take the boat to Auberdine (there are two boats leaving from that port, so don't just jump on the first one you see).

Night Elf Area
  • Darnassus (Teldrassil) - Cenarion Enclave.
  • Dolanaar (Teldrassil) - Southern end.
  • Auberdine (Darkshore) - East of Hippogryph Master.
  • Astranaar (Ashenvale) - Gazebo near Hyppogriph Master.
There's a boat that runs from Darnassus to Auberdine and back. It's free, so you'll save yourself the hassle of flying. Also, Astranaar is a VERY long run south from Auberdine, and the beasties there are level 20-ish. Staying on the road will offer you a serious amount of protection, though, so just plug along. It's a good flight path to have.

Neutral Towns
  • Ratchet (The Barrens) - Behind the bank.
  • Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale) - Above the bank.
Serious tips here. First, it's possible to get from Astranaar to Ratchet by running into the barrens and hugging the coast, BUT you have to pass through a horde outpost with guards that WILL attack you. There's a trick to getting through. When you see the outpost, stop and look a little to the left of it. There should be a broken fence with a smoking wagon beside it. Go through that instead.

Once you get to Ratchet (check the map site I gave you to see where it is), get the flight path and jump on the boat to Booty Bay. Get that flight path and then fly or hearth home. You should have over 10 coins by now.

Have fun shopping!

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