Saturday, February 6, 2010

Outfit of the Month, or "My WoW Model Viewer is Broked"

This month I'm going with something a bit hoochy, but it's the only image I had pre-prepared. Next month, I trust things will be back to normal and I'll find something for cloth-wearers. (I know I've been neglecting y'all. Sorries!)

I'm a big fan of the thigh-plates on the legs and the overall color scheme, though I suggest a green-gold cloak to cover the bare back and... um... scantily clad rear on the females. Somehow the shoulders and shield make the front look more covered than it is, but the back just seems nekkid.

It's also easy to put together, since the items are uncommons and will show up on the Auction House every now and then.

Requirements to Wear:
  • Plate
  • Level 57

Chest, Legs, Bracers, Boots, Shield, Helm, Shoulders, Gloves, Belt:

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  1. I have the lofty breastplate on my Paladin. As well as a mini-skirt-like leg armour that is gold, red, and black.

    So when I was hacked a few months ago, I was running around in the lofty breastplate and the miniskirt. Even did a Molten Core run for fun with my guild while I was waiting on the restoration.

    A direct quote from my guild leader at the time: "That really outs the 'breast' in 'breastplate', doesn't it?"


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