Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lunar Woe, or "Finishing On A Sour Note"

So I go into Utgarde Pinnacle for my very last elder. Until this point, I have never ever abandoned a group after getting an elder. That's just rude. (I did have a group abandon me after getting it, but I was glad I didn't have to finish Halls of Stone.)

On Skadi, the guy you have to shoot with harpoons, the death knight dps starts ordering the harpoons around and I'm like "Okay okay, fine" but someone didn't pick up a third one that I wanted to grab, so when I got to the harpoon launchers, I was too late to actually hit anything. So the DK rags on me for "wasting" them, tells me to do it right next time, except on the next pass I had no harpoons so he yells at me AGAIN for failing to use the harpoons I didn't have. (Please note that I have been a harpooneer many times without missing, but I become useless when flustered.) So I wait for a harpoon to drop, decide to ignore the DK and do my job and I do it right because I don't have anyone backseat harpooning, and the boss lands.

Except by the time the boss is dead, I'm mad.

I want to vote kick the DK from the group but I also am moments from the next elder.

One of the other dps leaves the group after I try to Tricks pull a mob, I can't initiate a vote to kick the DK because we're always in combat, and I can't run ahead to get my elder because the tank and healer don't deserve that kind of treatment. Also, the tank won't queue for another dps because "we'll be done by the time they get here."

Which means he's not about to kick the DK if I get a vote going.

So I take my elder, get the holiday achievement, type with shaking hands: "Yeah, DK is a jerk, I'm leaving." And I drop group.

I immediately put that stupid DK on ignore, spare an apologetic thought for the tank and healer who were not bad at all, and close my game so I can go vent to husband about how much I really really hate leaving groups high and dry. I only stayed that extra minute because I needed my final elder and did not want to requeue. But yeah, that group almost absolutely has to believe I was going to leave after the elder anyway.

*GRUMBLE* I figure I could have made more of a statement if I'd left without the elder, but that just didn't seem practical. I did help fight all the way to it, after all.


Anyway, I get to take my one week break from WoW now. /wave


  1. By the time I finished reading I was very confused what this had to do with "Fishing". One should not read blogs before coffee. Even though no fish were involved, I hope you'll be able to relax. A DPS leaving a group is hardly detrimental to the group and people who shout at strangers are the social equivalent of construction workers trying to attract women by shouting at passers-by... they HAVE to know it'll never work and that one day they might find a rare kung-fu master walking by their construction site and thereby lose their remaining teeth, but it's the best idea they've come up with yet and therefore they continue with "the plan". It's best to ignore such people -- or punch their teeth out.

  2. I bet the tank & healer noticed what a jerk the DK was. No one reasonable would blame you for dropping out.

    Personally, if I was either the tank or healer and the DK tried to make an issue of you leaving, I'd kick him. As long as I'd be waiting for two new dps, might as well wait for three, know what I mean?

  3. You should have initiated a vote anyway. Either they would have kicked the DK (win for you) or you could have stated "I'm sorry but I will not continue with this jerk" and leave without being seen as a dropping out because you've completed your objective.


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