Friday, February 5, 2010

Jerk Babies, or "Little Jerks Growing Up to Be Big and Dumb Just Like Daddy"

Because I have nothing better to post about, and because it was so awful it was funny.

I decided to learn how to tank on my little level 27 warrior. My husband has a 25 warlock, so we grouped up and got immediately into an instance.

First minute in, the mage rolls Need on some Moss Agate and the healer goes nuts. Says we aren't continuing if the guy does it again.

Husband makes verbal calming motions toward the party, suggests the mage might not roll Need on Moss Agate, to which the mage replies "But I'm a jewelcrafter."

Mage rolls Need on the next Moss Agate (which of course drops immediately), and husband and I are thinking "Who the hell cares about MOSS AGATE?!"

Healer leaves the instance but not the group and tosses curses and racial slurs at the mage. (Misspelled curses and slurs.)

I decide to report him for his language and say so. The "N" word is never called for.

We have 6 minutes before we can kick him, and I take two of those to fill out my ticket. The hunter continues to trade angry banter with the healer, husband continues to try rational persuasion, and the mage just stands there looking confused with his dumpy draenei squid face.

The hunter mentions you can report people for going afk without dropping group, so I amend my ticket.

At this point, I remember that I'm a jewelcrafter too and should probably roll against the mage from now on except WHO CARES ABOUT MOSS AGATE?!

We finally get to kick the healer, get a new healer, and the new healer drops group immediately without saying a word.

We requeue and guess who our healer is?

And guess how many minutes he has left before we can kick him again?

Yup. Mr. Jerk Baby is back, laughing, and has a 15 minute safety zone. So I say "I guess this group is over," and husband and I drop. We don't really regret leaving the hunter and mage since one spouted insults at the healer for leaving and the other didn't have the sense to pay attention when someone threatened to go postal over a 14-silver-at-the-Auction-House item that I don't even think you use in JC (correct me if I'm wrong).

Husband says "Well that was a waste of time" and I say "Why don't we queue again? We don't have a debuff and I'm a tank!"

I take the precaution of ignoring Mr. Jerk Baby so we don't get him as heals again, and we requeue to a group that is respectful, thoughtful, and pro. We rush through the instance, and even though it's my first time tanking the healer has no problem holding me up through huge overpulls, and I have few problems keeping aggro.

Oh, and in our second group? We didn't get a single Moss Agate.

Maybe that's why we did so well! :D


  1. I love Moss Agates. They are shiny. They are real business.

    Additional points for not letting one bad group ruin your lust for tanking. Welcome to the team. :-)

  2. Moss Agates are kind of important when you're a JC... Depending on what skill you have.
    But I can't understand the fuss the Healer made. ^^ It's just a Moss Agate!

  3. I have had lowbies rolling need on everything, and I have called them on it, but something for a profession they have? Np there.

    Welcome to the tanking world :) It's always a crazy ride.

  4. I was in a group where one member rolled need on all boe greens...because he was an enchanter. Well in that case I need everything that drops! Morons. I have had to turn off trade chat because the language and rascist crap is so frickin offensive...and I am not easily offended, but rascism should offend everyone. Well done for you and your husband!

  5. random side note-
    Moss agates are pretty important to jcs and actually in leveling quite a few other crafts. On my server, when you can find them at all, moss agates sell for golds not silvers. That said, its really darned easy for a jc to crack ore and get as many as he or she needs.
    -note end

    Some people are greedy. Some people have bad days and feel free to share their spite with random strangers. I don't understand people who look at 4 other random strangers and see people who don't matter, people who deserve to be cheated. I see 4 new potential friends. And sometimes I find cool new people, and sometimes I find jerk babies.

  6. That's the problem with being 450 in your professions. You forget what's important. I'm always like, "why is copper important?" or something. And then my Shaman needs to level her mining before she can work on her engineering because Mithril is important again.

  7. Those middle levels are always a huge pain, with the mithril and the thorium. Those I sympathize with -- if someone kept sneaking the thorium veins or taking all the Emeralds, yeah we'd have a problem. I just can't get past a whole instance blowing up over Moss Agate. >_> It's prospected from tin!

  8. > I just can't get past a whole instance blowing
    > up over Moss Agate. >_> It's prospected from
    > tin!

    There it is!

    YOU can't get behind it because you prospected your tin for Moss Agate.

    If you would have used a tin foil hat you would be able to get behind it all... but not have Moss Agates. :)


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