Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plushies & Petses, or "Cute But No Thanks"

If you buy the plushie, you get the corresponding pet. For me, spending real money for pets my characters wouldn't use and toys I'd throw in my Goodwill pile... not worth it.

I'm pretty "meh" about these pets, but I congratulate anyone who likes (and can use) both the plushies and the pets. And I'm sure if anyone just wants the pet, they'll have adorable animations and your enjoyment will be worth the price.

Also, there are plenty of kids in the world to give the plushies to. My sister-in-law is percolating one as we speak, so if I really want any of the plushie/pet combos in the future, I can pawn the real world toy off on the baby. Since its parents both play WoW, I'm sure they won't mind. :D


  1. I honestly think that wind rider is the cutest thing I've ever seen >.> and, I also love stuffed animals, so I totally wanna buy it for myself <3 I hope it's not liek a billion dollars though.

  2. It won't be. I'm thinking, since the other pets were $10 and plushies are $15, it might be anywhere from $15-25.

    Store Link

  3. I would be a tiny bit miffed if my kids just got the pet as a gift because I would want the pet for me. When they come out I forsee my kids getting cute new stuffed animals. They like to watch me play so I think they would be excited to have a bit of Azeroth of thier own.


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