Thursday, February 18, 2010

Overkill, or "Do We Have Too Many 'Rare' Mounts?"

I popped onto MMO-Champion and saw that a guild has the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher. First off, I'll offer my congrats. Next, I'll whine like a little girl.

I'm not really against hard-to-get mounts like I used to be (back when I wanted a Zul'Aman teddy-bear), but this news made me wonder.

Is Blizz getting in the habit of giving out too many rare mounts?

Think about it. Only certain guilds will ever get the achievements for the rare mounts before new content comes out and the mounts disappear.

The same guilds. Every time. Occasionally an up-and-comer will manage to wrangle the necessary achievements, and it'll be awesome, but for the most part you can rely on X guild to sport the new shinies within X amount of weeks.

But how long are these mounts going to be used by those guilds? I'm thinking they'll be seen for as long as they're the latest thing.

Sure, it helps with mount collecting achievements, but in the end . . . what's the use of mounts that won't be seen again after the next big mount-droppin' challenge comes out?

What's the use of mounts that keep accumulating on just a few people?

I think I prefer super-rare drops like the Love Rocket, and not just because it's pink. With the Love Rocket, even though it's a tough grind, it's available to anyone who gets lucky. Unlike the raiding mounts, you won't see it on the same people over and over and over again with no shot at it for yourself.

So while, yeah, I get that Blizz wants to give fun novelty prizes to people who do well . . . the practical side of me wonders if they're giving out too many mounts.

And I really never thought I'd say that.


  1. well I typed out a long comment and lost it because blogspot is a dumbass. basically, I agree with you and wtb rare mounts for the general public, or casuals.

  2. I am not really a hardcore raider, but I think it is still good that they give some extra incentive to the elite players rather than just gear. They have already given casuals access to high level gear. I think there should still be a reward for doing something exceptional. Otherwise, why not just change everything to RMT so that casuals has access to everything that the elite have.

    That said, I am a casual. I like mounts and pets, but I do not agree that it should just be easy for everyone to get one. The Holliday Drake is for that purpose already.

  3. One word to make your life a better place: Lazarus. It's available for Firefox and Chrome that I know of.

    It allows you to recall anything you've typed in a form for the past few days -ish. Even works after a browser crash.

  4. (Previous was for Shiro.)

    Darraxus -- Ah, but am I suggesting the mounts be made easier or not be available at all?

    No. I also agree the elite should get something for their effort, but is piling mount after mount on top of these people the most economical use of those pixels? And are those people going to use these items after the shine has worn off?

    I'd much rather see these items as rare drops that they can get first or even just one rare achievement mount on, say, Arthas to make that mount truly special.

    Instead, we've had the same people getting 2 mounts for every new raid and, imo, the earlier mounts make the Icecrown mounts a lot less special.

    It's like "Oh. You got another achievement mount. I was impressed when Naxx was hard, but I care why anymore?"

    It just seems to cheapen the final boss stuff and be a waste of game space to have those mounts in existence. There are other ways to reward the elite, imo.


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