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Lunar Festival 2008, or "Patterns Are NOT Bind-On-Pickup"

Feel free to refer back to Lunar Festival 2007. The 2007 post focused on how to get pretty dresses for low-level characters on Alliance, particularly how to get to the easiest-to-reach Elders.


Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

As mentioned before, a Warcraft event is a temporary time-period in which the developers decorate Warcraft cities and towns for a particular real-world holiday, including special quests and goodies. Event durations can be viewed at the official site's event calendar.


Lunar Festival

Real Life Holiday: Chinese New Year
Time Period: February 5-23 2008

Overview: A time for glowing paper lanterns, lovely Chinese-inspired clothing, and TONS of fireworks.

Coins of Ancestry: Available from Elders placed in every town around the world. One per Elder. You do NOT have to do anything to qualify for coins, you can just go up to these guys at any time and get them. Every goody available in Moonglade requires 5 coins. Go here or here for a list of Elders and their locations.

Getting to Moonglade
(In 3 Simple Steps)

This is not necessary to do before you gather Coins of Ancestry, and is pointless to do without them.

Prequest: In 3 of your faction's capital cities, in the main thoroughfare, a single reveler will have a quest for you to go check out the festivities at the Greater Moonlight portal thing.

Go to the Greater Moonlight, which will be surrounded by Festival NPCs with quests. (One of these is an Elder with a coin for you.) The Greater Moonlight is in the following locations:

Ironforge: Mystic Ward
Stormwind: Park District
Darnassus: Cenarion Enclave
Undercity: Entrance
Thunder Bluff: Elder Rise
Orgrimar: Valley of Wisdom

The turn-in quest giver by the Greater Moonlight will offer you the follow-up quest "Lunar Fireworks."

Lunar Fireworks Quest: Buy 8 Fireworks and 2 Fireworks Clusters from a vendor who will be in the same area, by the Greater Moonlight. Use them by right-clicking near one of the launchers (also in the area by the Greater Moonlight). Quest finished. Turn in and get the next one, to see the guy in Moonglade.

You get an invitation to the Festival which you can use in the Greater Moonlight as a portal to Moonglade.

In Moonglade, run north to town and then straight east to the docks until you see the guy you're supposed to talk to (53, 35).

Available Goodies

Tailoring Patterns:
Festival Dress, Festival Suit

Engineering Schematics: Cluster Launcher, Firework Launcher, Cluster Rockets, Large Cluster Rockets, Large Rockets, Small Rockets

Pattern quests from Fariel Starsong in the Moonglade (54, 35). These quests are ONLY available to people level 50+ but are not bind-on-pickup (except for the rocket recipes, though the launchers are not) and are NOT only available to people of those professions (I checked with Dustfire, who is neither tailor nor engineer). This means you can get some for your friends or to sell on the Auction House (confirmed by grabbing one with Dustfire and trading it back and forth with a leatherworking friend). Each quest reward requires 5 Coins of Ancestry.

Dresses: Purple, Green, Pink

Pantsuits: Blue, Teal, Black

Food: Festival Dumplings

Shoot at Someone: Elune's Candle

These are available from Valadar Starsong (53, 35), whose daughter gives you the patterns. Any level character can get these items, but they ARE bind-on-pickup, so no sharing.

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