Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deathcharger Farm, or "Easier Than It Looks"

Drop Rate: 1% (1 in 100)
Boss Availability: 5 Times an Hour

Any mount collector worth his or her salt has this on farm, but for people like me (lazy people), we need a little extra push in the right direction. (Punny emphasis on direction.)

Tip: Avoid Mangled Cadavers unless you can remove diseases. They have a 10 min disease that stops natural health regen (including eating; doesn't include certain healing spells, bandages, or pots). Dying removes it. Or you can buy a bunch of Restorative Potions (alchemy) or learn to make them from Badlands Reagent Run chain (A/H).

Tip: This instance is also a goldmine for runecloth, so you should always loot your corpses.

Optional Extra-Farm: Look for rare spawn Hearthsinger Forresten for a 20% chance at the Piccolo of Flaming Fire -- a permanent item that makes everyone around you dance if standing still. He has different spawn points (map in progress). I suggest making a macro to "/tar Hearth" and start spamming it at the main gate until you get to the boss.


Land in Light's Hope Chapel.

If you have the key to the city, go here for a shortcut to Elder's Square. If not, go here.

The entrance locks behind you (portals on either side, both go to the same area). Enter (you come in at the Main Gate and enter King's Square).

Keep moving north. (Right/east is a locked gate, left/west will circle around the long way.)

If you don't have a key, your circular path will eventually curve around south (follow street signs toward "Festival Lane"). You're looking for the gate on your left in the Festival Lane courtyard with the fountain. It's on the easternmost curve and has a street sign pointing to it that says "Elders' Square."

Straight ahead through that gate is Magistrate Barthilas in Elder's Square. Kill him and loot the key to the city to help you skip ahead next time you come.

Go north through the "Gauntlet Gate." (South is the "Service Entrance," which is your back door once you have the key.)

Around the circle are three little bosses at the Necropoli (the big green buildings around The Gauntlet -- you recognize them because they GLOW GREEN). You're supposed to kill the minibosses, enter the Necropoli behind each (the doors open upon their death) and kill their acolytes. This will open Rivendare's gate.

Go northwest toward "Slaughter Square" (the westernmost side of The Gauntlet). The gate should be open. Kill everything in the room, finishing by the door to the room in the center. Ramstein will yell something and the doors will open to let him out -- two ways of doing this:
  1. Run inside and fight Ramstein there. After he's dead, you can immediately down the Black Guard Sentries and get to Rivendare. The doors will all open when Rivendare is dead, but you'll have to deal with the non-elite swarm on your way out (and they usually pull 1-3 elite mobs too).
  2. Wait for Ramstein to come out to fight him. After he's dead, a bunch of little non-elites will swarm you (AOE them) and you have to wait what feels like forever for the Black Guard Sentries to trot out. Kill them, and that opens the inner door to Rivendare.

King's Square and Festival Lane attach to Market Row, which has the rare spawn with the piccolo. Going toward Crusaders' Square will also lead you to Market Row.

Festival Lane attaches to Elders' Square.

Elders' Square attaches to The Gauntlet where you have to kill minibosses.

The Gauntlet attaches to Slaughter Square where you can reach the Baron.

Street signs are your friends.


  1. Forresten is not a rare spawn. He will always be there, although in different locations. He once was a rare but that was changed back in vanilla when he started to drop the Magisters' Boots. He still has a gray dragon, thought.

    And in the Slaughter Square you always have to kill all mobs, after that Ramstein will appear, then a lot of skeletons, then the 4 (5?) elites and then you can approach the baron. There's no point in sneaking through the door as the second door in front of the baron is closed until these 5 elites are dead. It takes a few minutes until everything is spawned. Just wait and don't get nervous (I always do, I always assume it's bugged :-()

    That event has very buggy and it often bugged out and you couldn't attack the baron if you cleared the room to fast. But that was patched a few patches ago.

    How do you kill the 3 Necropoli? I do Nerub'Enkan -> Anastari -> the way on the back, not the bug-trap -> Maleki.

  2. I have done this about 60 times since Wrath with no mount. I can clear it in about 5 minutes at this point by just skipping to the bosses. I kill Nerub, Anastari, Maleki, then to slaughterhouse.

  3. "Forresten is not a rare spawn. He will always be there"

    True. This guy is a rare spawn in that he has the silver dragon around his portrait. I've only found him in the one location, and Wowhead only maps 1 spot for him, so if you've seen him pop up in different places, I'd appreciate a map point or two.

  4. http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/3250/forresten.jpg

    That's from Atlas (the plugin), see the number 3 on the map. Don't blame me if it isn't correct, blame them. :-) But at least two locations are correct.

  5. I just confirmed the Festival Lane spawn point for Forresten.


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