Sunday, February 7, 2010

Je t'adore, or "Happy Valentines 2010!"

Tons of changes to how things work this year, so let's get right to it and nobody comment on how I didn't notice it'd started already (I overplayed yesterday and took today off until Family Time).


  • You can now buy all (most? not seeing bouquets) of the holiday items from vendors, including the Peddlefeet pet.
  • Ridable LOVE BOATS in the cities with serious waterways. Woo!
  • Third time's the charm -- if you haven't heard of the new mount, look at the image at the top of the post. You can get that pretty pink rocket off the new holiday boss.
  • You can get 1 [Love Token], which is currency for all the items, for 1 [Lovely Charm Bracelet], which is 10 [Lovely Charms] that you get from killing mobs that are at least green to you. So you can actually grind currency after doing all the dailies.
(*cough* Not my husband. Husband was doing what he
was supposed to and flying to Shadowfang Keep while
Billy and I stopped to take silly screenshots.)


Go to any major city, find the goblins in the bank/AH area. Accept their quests.
  • Bonbon Blitz -- Hit 10 other players/NPCs with the chocolate sampler item.
  • Perfect Puff of Perfume -- Hit 10 other players/NPCs with the perfume item.
  • Cloud of Classy Cologne -- Hit 10 other players/NPCs with the cologne item.
  • A Gift For X Faction Leader -- This daily is available in ALL your main cities. Collect ten [Lovely Charms] to make a [Lovely Charm Bracelet]. The bracelets are tradable, so friends can help you out, but you get the charms by having the kit in your bags and killing enemies that are at least green to you (you don't even have to loot, just kill).
Quest Chain
  • Uncommon Scents -- Pick this up in Undercity or Ironforge, and report to Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.
  • Something Stinks -- Use the Analyzer on 6 of the guards that glow purple.
  • Pilfering Perfume -- Timed run. Funny thing is, you can't stop running. Go outside Org/Storm, make a left along the side of the building, and they'll toss you the package. Run back to Snagglebolt.
  • Snivel's Sweetheart -- Horde go talk to this person, on the lower level (passing by, you'll see her in the building). Alliance, go talk to this person upstairs in the inn right next to you.
  • Hot On The Trail -- Enter the city's Auction House, Bank, and Barber. If you're having trouble getting the search to happen, run back to the room's entrance and enter again.
  • A Friendly Chat -- Head to the zepplin tower or boat dock and question the goblin Snivel by the boxes. Turn it in at Snagglebolt and (s)he'll open up two new quests.
  • Crushing the Crown -- Take the bomb (s)he gives you, go to Crystalsong Forest (where Dalaran is), and kill stuff (bomb is for the wagons).
  • Man on the Inside -- (Not required for the boss.) Takes you to the boss.


Enter Shadowfang Keep in Silverpine Forest, go into the door on your right, up some stairs, keep going, everything is level 19 so just ignore it, and you'll see the quest guy.

Also, because some people are stupid, I'll mention that you're fighting three LEVEL 80 bosses. I really didn't think I had to say it, but there you go. Every time the level cap lifts, these bosses will be re-leveled to the cap, so you'll see them at 85 in Cataclysm.

  • Quest dude inside gives you an item and your summon.
  • Talk to him. You get a bag. Open it, get stuff.
  • 3 bosses in the encounter: purple, green, other.
  • Use [Perfume Neutralizer] for purple tank.
  • Use [Cologne Neutralizer] for green tank.
  • Everyone else picks a Neutralizer to wear, doesn't matter, but definitely use a Neutralizer.
  • Third dude is untanked and throws clouds. Don't stand in his colored puddles of death. If you see a color that isn't floor-colored, move.
This fight is actually pretty hard. We had a group of raid-gear folks and we lost people most of the runs (though we always finished). Of course, I was healing. So.... I'll post a cleaned-up strat once we investigate more.

He'll drop an item that gives "Something is in the Air (and it Ain't Love)." Take it to Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

He'll also potentially drop (aside from trinkets) the pink rocket mount, a toxic wasteling pet, a rose head item that shows up between your character's teeth, and a device that makes other people cry. Woot!

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