Saturday, February 20, 2010

New 3.3.3 Novelties, or "They Certainly Keep Us Hopping"

This isn't everything from 3.3.3, but there's some interesting things. First off is three new mounts. Second, the child prince is getting a grown up look (either for future use or he's actually growing up). Third, new pets.

The first new mount is another tailoring pattern off of a guy (Frozo) who will now sell all the stuff you used to grind (eternals, frost lotus, etc) in exchange for Frozen Orbs (that drop in heroics).

The other two mounts are the Blazing Hippogryph (above) and a dumb white kodo, both of which are (currently) TCG. Since the Blazing Hippogryph is cool, I expect it to break $100 on ebay, easy. The Spectral Tiger breaks $1,000, and the Rooster breaks $200 so my estimation might even be low.

Two new pets: Frigid Frostling and Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot. I think I'm a little sick of blue icy things. I get that it's a theme, but really guys. Does everything have to be frosted?

Of course, there are the honor changes I mentioned before, and improvements to the AH that I'll let you discover on your own.

You'll be able to queue for Holiday Bosses in LFG now, but I'm not impressed until I know if they'll take available summons into account. I envision a lot of people complaining if they don't.

They also seem to be setting up world events to usher in Cataclysm. This could just be the pre-event setup, though, so don't get too excited. I doubt they could top turning into zombies.

And, of course, this is not all the info yet. Boubouille says "This news post will be updated multiple times in the next hours! Stay tuned!"


  1. Wait... the hippogryph is TGC..? ... my world is ruined....

    -cries in a corner-
    the most beautiful hippogryph ever... of course... I can't get. why, blizz. why.

  2. There may yet be hope for you. Apparently, Blizz isn't working with the TCG novelty providers anymore or something like that, so people are speculating that these mounts might change and be available in-game somehow.

  3. You mean Frozen Orbs.


  4. crying about summons leechers? I haven't played in almost a year and even I know they're getting rid of "summons" by making novelty garbage (read:the only thing you idiots farm holiday bosses for) drop from your personal loot bag that you will get on your first kill each day. Everyone gets a bag, nobody cares about running more than once.

  5. Kevin: Please learn to follow links and check dates. This post is several days old, and I linked the text "not impressed until" to the followup on that topic.

  6. For Event Bosses Summons will no longer matter, you only get 1 shot at the rare items in the form of a bag you get the first time you down it. after that its just the epic renamed badge loot.

  7. My apologies, I should not be surprised that links as news week old opinions which have since been updated.

  8. "The first new mount is another tailoring pattern off of a guy (Frozo)..."

    Is this like another flying carpet?


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