Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cheerful, or "Tales of Pleasant"

After "Tales of Annoying," I figured I needed to mention something nice that happened in a pug.


Last week I ran one of the new heroics, the fancy one with the multi-faced end boss (Forge of Whatever).

The druid tank (Furyhawk-Thrall) and I rolled on Frayed Scoundrel's Cap.

He won.

He said "Oh crap, I didn't realize you needed. Here." And handed it to me.

I blinked. "Oh, no, if you need it keep it."

"No, I'm wearing T9."

I said "You're so sweet!" and thanked and /hugged him, and Magiabianca-Thrall promptly told me to back off.

They tossed /love at each other, and I grinned to myself at the cuteness of them and popped the new helm on instead of my measly old Headguard of Retaliation.

I was pretty happy after that. Not just getting a massive upgrade or them being nice but also running into another couple that pugs together.

So if you run into those two, definitely let out a "Woo!" of happy, because they're nice people.

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