Thursday, February 18, 2010

No More BG Marks, or "Oh, Thank God"

Zarhym goes "Blah blah blah changes blah blah marks blah honor" -- that's how I read technical posts. The part that caught me was:
say goodbye to Battleground Marks of Honor. We feel this currency system is a bit outdated and are getting rid of it. Any items which require these marks as currency will have their costs adjusted appropriately to remove this requirement. The quest NPCs will still be available to award players Honor for turning in leftover marks, but this is only to help players clear this expired currency.
Everything is turning to honor.

Which means, oh God, I can farm Wintergrasp for honor instead of battlegrounds for marks and get my PVP mounts that way. Except Wintergrasp honor is being cut in half, so max your honor while you still can. Since I live on an "Alliance never wins" server, I'll be doing the kill and gathering quest once a week.



Edit: Oooo! Wintergrasp Commendations are BoA and can thus be sent cross-faction. Use Plum to get Birdy some nice honor! Woo!


  1. Maybe they increase the honor cap to 1 million and charge 1 million for a mount. Or they remove the mounts? Or some other badge? I can't see them to give away the mounts for just a handful of honor. On the other side, why not. PvP mounts were welfare mounts in the beginning. So they be brought back in line with the other faction mounts you get for 8g a piece.

    But, I'm not an English native and these patch notes are freaking hard to understand for me but I think you missed an important point:

    > All Honor awarded for completing objectives
    > in Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp is actually
    > based on an Honorable Kill conversion rate.

    > Since Honorable Kills will now award 100%
    > more Honor, completing such objectives will
    > also award more Honor.

    > This is why experience gains based on
    > completing Battleground objectives and Honor
    > awarded from the Wintergrasp quests are being
    > decreased by 50%.

    I read that as we will get more honor from Wintergrasp weekly quests?

  2. Hm. I read it to mean that they're decreasing the quest payouts so we can have roughly equivalent honor if a lot of the opposite faction die. Which won't happen for Birdfall because she just gets killed. Over and over and over.

    >_> Poor Birdy.

  3. omg omg I can finally get pvp mounts!!! :DDD YAY!

  4. I believe they're only nerfing Wintergrasp honor because the honor in WG is calculated off of honor gained from individual honor kills- say a single WG win is worth 50 HKs. If the amount of honor for an HK doubles, then the amount of honor from a WG win also doubles. The nerf to WG honor results is only to keep it the same as it was before, not to nerf it in any way,

  5. Eddy: I'm not really a number person, but that sounds like what they'd do.


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