Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cluck for Horde, or "Supplying Your Guild with Chickens"

What am I talking about? Why, the quest to get a chicken pet! tells us that you can't get a chicken with your horde character--you can do the quest but the chicken turns hostile when it's time to turn the quest in for the egg. Rather, you get an alliance character (any level) to do the quest. The chicken drops the egg and anyone can pick it up. Even horde.

I did the quest for free for my guild with my husband's referral account, but if you have an alliance account you could ostensibly do it for the horde on your server and accept tips on your main (PVP servers only, otherwise everyone can just do it themselves). Chicken feed is just 25 copper. Just form a raid group, get them to the farmhouse, and tell them when the egg is up. /point at a character to pick it up if you don't use vent. :) Happy clucking!

I took pictures for proof. The chickens below the horde characters are their pets, not the farm chickens. I'm targeting the farm chicken. :)

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