Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brewfest 2008, or "Rams and Kodos for Everyone!"

This post will constantly be edited as I see what's new this year.

We've had quite a few things change since the extremely buggy Brewfest 2007. You can exchange last year's tickets for this year's currency by talking to your goodies vendor. He has an option for Ticket Exchange. I got 50 for 50. ^_^

The vendor no longer sells mounts. The boss you can fight drops both the ram and the kodo but each party member can only summon him once a day. The vendor does, however, sell Wolpertingers for 50 silver (no tickets) instead of it being a quest reward.

And the Dark Iron attacks no longer give you tickets per dwarf hit (this has been noted as a bug and might be fixed). It's now all about protecting the kegs and requires a lot of people to help. There is a reward if you succeed.


S.T.O.U.T. - 10 Prize Tokens - Pick up a mug from the tables behind the quest giver. Click to throw them at a target in front of you. Hit it 5 times.

Bark for ____ [DAILY] - 15 Prize Tokens - Ride a ram to the listed sections of the city (past the Brewfest flags) before the timer runs out. You do not have to turn it in before the timer runs out, just hit those points. Hotkey your reins and keep your speed between the blue and yellow (a buff) and you'll make it just fine. (Do not use the fastest, the red speed, as it will rapidly get your exhaustion to 100 and put a Slow debuff on you.)

Ram Riding Practice - Opens up two other quests.
  1. Souveneir This Year - Accept, go turn into the prize vendor. Get this year's stein color and equip it to drink from the kegs.
  2. There and Back Again - 10 Prize Tokens - Whip your ram into a frenzy of speed on the road to the appropriate town, run into all the barrels of apples you see (make sure you flash red!!), then ride past the guy with an arrow above his head (don't stop, he'll toss you the item), run into the barrel of apples just past him, then run back north, touch all the apples on the way there, pass by your quest guy to turn in the first of the deliveries, and take a second to touch the apples in the stableyard. The apples remove your exhaustion debuff, allowing you to ride at full speed the entire time.
  3. There and Back Again [DAILY VERSION] - You talk to the Ram Racing Master and click on his next-day followup (conversation text) asking if you can get him more barrels. He gives you the ram and you run back and forth between the barrel guy and this guy as many times as possible until your ram runs out. You get 2 tokens per turn-in. I got 9 turn-ins, 18 tokens.
The Dark Irons Took a Beating [DAILY] - 10 Prize Tickets - If you stop the Dark Iron Dwarves from breaking the kegs (must be a group effort of everyone on the grounds), they drop one of their gears and you can accept the quest to turn in (you don't even have to have been there -- I found it on my warrior after just running up to the camp).

I'll have links to the quests soon.


Bought with Prize Tokens which disappear at the end of the holiday.
  • Dress & Regalia (200 each)
  • Slippers & Boots (100 each)
  • Blue, Brown, Green, Purple Hat (50 each)
  • Wolpertinger (50 silver)
  • "Brew of the Month" Club Membership (200) - Provides you with drinks that do silly things. Don't have all the details at this time.
  • Pony Keg (100) - Gives you Brewfest Brew all year long.
  • Romance Goggles (100) - Changes all other people into gnomes or orcs (depending on alliance or horde).
  • Hops (2, 5, 20) - Changes your mount until you dismount. I don't know the exact difference between the three types other than the fact that the most expensive doesn't disappear after the holiday.


Coren Direbrew hangs out in BRD. The quest is level 70, the boss is 73 elite, but a good team can 4-man him. I was on my 52 and my family beat him down a bunch (trying to get the Ram mount).

Cosmetic item drops:

Brewfest Ram

Brewfest Kodo
Brewmaiden that Buffs

Brewmaiden that Attacks

This was a brief conversation between two guildmates about a serious raiding guild on our server, made around noon the first day of Brewfest. It made me laugh. Because it's true. (It's probably true about a lot of hardcore raiding guilds.)

Achievement: Brewmaster

Can't do it all this year, but you need: 1 outfit, 1 shoes, 1 hat, 1 mount, 1 wolpertinger, 1 "BOTM" club membership, kill Coren Direbrew. (Cost: 550 prize tokens.)

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  1. The dress looks nicer on tall characters. Gnome ladies look like little girls wearing their mother's dress. I still love my set anyway. :D


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