Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cooking, or "Chow Down on Some Awesome"

Non-Gamer's Guide to This Post

Cooking is something you can train in the game to make food that gives you more power! Your character sits down and eats this food when he or she right clicks on it. Eat it for 15 seconds and you have a Food Buff.

This is a secondary profession, meaning it does not count toward your two main professions. There are three secondary professions and you can have all three at the same time -- in fact, it's encouraged!

Reasons for cooking: make money, buff food (leveling/instancing/raiding), achievements, fun.


This guide is going to be a little different from the others, so bear with me. I'm going to list the cooking skill and the items you can/should gather to get through that skill level (linked to the appropriate recipe). The items listed are by no means the only items available, merely the easiest to get. I'm listing several at a time because, while leveling, you'll find an assortment of these things in your bags.

Any recipes that require a vendor or quest instead of a trainer will have a "-Buy" attached (low level cooking quest recipes do not bind on pickup and can be found on the AH).

*Talbuk Venison can make either stamina or hit food, and hit food is by FAR the most valuable raid food in existence. Do NOT make +stam food with this until something in Wrath replaces it.
**Requires flying mount.


  1. There's almost no reason to spend money on the AH for the recipes - most recipes can be bought from vendors in level appropriate zones.

  2. Very true, but sometimes it's a choice between time and money. Take the time to fly, or use that time to do a daily or two to buy them.

    Me, I flew.

  3. A note to those who, like me, spent hours looking for the proper trainer for cooking 300-375. It's a book.


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